Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


6. What

Hey guys. I havent gotten any comments, but I did get a new fan!!! So happy!!! My fans are great to me and I love it! I have never had great fans! I need comments please! If you wanna be in my story, comment your name, age, hair color, eye color, and style. Also comment if you wanna be: Harrys sis, Harrys gf, Harrys ex, Liams ex, Liams sis, liams friend, Nialls gf, Nialls sis, or nialls ex, zayns gf, zayns ex, zayns sis, Lous ex, Lous sis. An if u dont wanna give any real info away, just lie. I dont care if you lie to me.





"Jai are you kidding me? I have to become close with Liam. Then kill him? I have to apologize? Ugg. If I get too nice it your fault. I will achieve this mission. The world can do without 1/5 of 5/5 of One Direction, right?" I growled.

"Sure whatever Jesse. But you can become a wuss and back out of the mission. If you do, I will disown you." He snapped.

"I can do without you. I did well for 9 years."

"PBLBLT!" He stuck his toungue out and rasperried.

"Ugh. Dont you have a life or something?"

"I have a lady friend."



"I want you to leave me alone!!! AS USUAL!!"

"Fine Jesse. If I'm too annoying to be loved again, I'll leave. I'll move into my girlfriends place!"

"Jai..." but he slammed the door. 



*****Liams POV*****

I got a text from an unidentified number today. It said, 'Meet me at apartment 505 in the Ceramic Martise hotel. 

  "Whats the look on ya face for Li. Did you see a sp-sp-sp-sp-sp- Spooon?!" Nial asked. Thinks he's funny. Spoonses. Stuupiddd spoonses! Oh god, Golliam's back, AH! "No Nando. Its a text, Not a sp sp sp sp sp spoon! A T T T T T TEXTT!!" 

  I walked up to the door of room 505. Spooky. Spookier than spoons. And thats spooky. I knocked on the door.

"ONE MINUTE!" A loud girl voice shouted. The girl opened the door. "Oh you came so soon!" she said sweetly. "Sit Liam." 

"What am I here for?" I asked politely.

"Remember me? Jesse Sharpe?"

"Oh. Jesse, what do you want?"

"Im sorry."

"Ima call the co- wait what?"


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