Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


4. Watch it!

  As I was trying to act normal, I felt a push. Next thing I knew, I faceplanted into the ground.

"Hey! WATCH IT!" Without looking, I grabbed the person and dragged them into a dark alley. "Watch it bub. Hurt me again. See what happens." So they slapped me. I took my dagger out and brought it to their chin.

"That is exactly what happens. And if you hurt me another time, it will be OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!! You would be dead in ten seconds if you hurt me again."

"I'm.. I'm, I'm, super sorry ma'am." He said. He had a cute voice. It was nice and British. He sounded trusting. "It won't happen again. My idiot friends pushed me. Sorry." Friends. That made me think of Jai. I teared up. "What did I say?" he asked softly.

"Friends." I replied. " You don't have any?"

"One. He got arrested when I was 10. His name was Jai. He was like my brother. He protected me. He got sent to Juvey." I started crying now.

"Its okay. I'm here if you need a friend."



"Will you look past my mistakes?"

"If you put the dagger away, then yes."

"Haha. Whats your name?"

"Liam. Liam Payne."

"Im. Uh. Jesse Sharpe." Liam had a shocked look on his face.

"You are that criminal!! You don't look like her. COPS!!" I started crying.

"Liar! You said you would look past my mistake if i put dagger away! AND I DID!  AND YOUR A PART OF ONE DIRECTION!! FANS FANS LIAMS OVER HERE!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND LIAM! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" I ran out of the alley. I bumped into lots of people. I pushed alot of people down. "FUCK YOU LIAM PAYNE!"

     I ran to the bank. "Give me $50,000,000 and no one gets hurt!!" I pulled my gun our and aimed it at innocent people.

"Ma'am. You cant do this." the clerk said.

"Oh yeah? Watch me." I fired a shot. It hit some lady in her late 40's in the chest. "Give me the money or more victims will become lifeless and go to hell because of you."

"No!" she said. I fired a shot , and it missed her (on purpose) it hit the wall and victimized the floor. "That was a warning shot. Next one won't be. Now give me the money or else I shoot!" I threatened. The clerk handed the money over in fear, and I stuffed it into my jacket."Nice doin business with ya. And if you call the cops, I will shoot. But this time, it will hit you." When she picked the phone up I said, "You better call you husband and kids to say you won't be coming home tonight."

"I was only calling my mother. Not the cops. I'm serious." She replied.

"Ok. I'll let it slide. This time!"

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