Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


1. Run.



She has been running for her whole life. 



She learned about jail. Its a very bad place to be. Jesse is the type of girl who commits crimes, and runs from her fears. She has an obsession to run. C2 agency has been after her since she was 4. She can never stop doing was she loves. 


Jesse stuck her gun in her boot. The ones she stole from Delia's last week. Jesse's only friends are the nature and her clothes and shoes. "It's hard to let go of what I love. Stealing, murder, drug dealing, and best of all, robbing." Jesse reported to a fellow criminal she once lost to the coppers, Jai.  It was hard when Jai left her, because she had to do everything on her own. She didnt have her companion.  She needed Jai. 


****9 years ago: JESSES POV****

   Jai. My brother. My best friend. We were always together. When my parents killed each other, he was my only person to go to. Even though Jai is 12 and Im 10, doesnt mean we cannot be on our own. Jai has been stealing food to feed us, stealing clothes to keep us warm, and stealing money to pay for a place to live. He could have stolen the key to a hotel room! But no! He did everything the old fashioned way. My parents killed each other when I was 4 years old. That was just 5 years ago. Jai and I are fine on our own, but we can't steal for long. What if the cops caught us? What if we got put into Juvey? Juuuvvveeeyyy!!! AAH! Being a criminal isn't all fun and games, when you have to watch what you are doing.  

  Jai has been training me to be a criminal. It isn't that easy to murder without getting caught, or stealing or pickpocketing OR sneaking without getting caught. You need to be sneaky. You need to be stealthy. You need agility. Sneaky. Stealthy. Agility. "SUCK IT COPS!" Jai screamed while he slammed the door to our house. "Another time getting caught stealing food?" I said. "Yeah. I told them coppers to silently suck their own dicks. I screamed SUCK IT COPS!! Suck it!! Ha. That caught them by surprise." Jai replied.

"You are mean. With a super bad language."

"Listen, Jesse. You can't be all nice when you are a criminal. You're a little girl, so you can seem innocent. They won't suspect you. But when you get older cops will suspect you. You need to know these words:

Dick, Suck, Crap, Man Ass, Jackass, Asshole, Ass, Fuck, Bitch, lastly Shit."

"But but JAI!"

" Just repeat."

"Dick suck crap man ass jackass asshole ass fuck bitch shit." I spoke them as fast as I could and teared up. "Jai, I think im too young for this."

"Jess, you're never too young to learn how to defend." Jai said before I dozed off. The next morning Jai was plotting his next scheme over breakfast.

"What is it this time? Planning on telling the cops to eat shit?" I asked.

"There ya go!!" Jai said, smiling.






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