Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


2. Jai got arrested


 Jai was smiling. I really haven't seen him smile in ages. It is a good feeling. AGH WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!! GOOD? AAH! Then we heard bangs at the door.

"Open up motherfuckers!! Or we will fuckin bust this hell of a door down. GOD DAMN IT! JUST OPEN THE F-ING DOOR!!" Gruff voices cursed.

"Jai," I whispered. "Are those your friends?"

"What friends? Those sons of bitches couldn't last as my friends."

"Jai your 12 and you curse already. "

"SUCK IT DICKS! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU DAMNED CREATURES??!! Jesse go hide. If they are good guys, I want them to take me first. You're like a baby sister to me. I'd rather get killed by bitch cops before you. Trust me. I love you, sis. I. Love. You."

That was the last I saw Jai. I hid behind out kitchens island, and peered around to where Jai was. Silent and sneaky, I repeated in my head. "You are in big trouble, son of a bitch. Walk." Cops! Oh no!

"Yeah, what are you biotch wusses gunna do about it?" Jai kicked them in the balls and ran inside. He locked the doors. "Jess, I locked them out. You can come out now." Then the cops burst through the door. I screamed my girl scream. I started crying. Everything went blurry. 


   Now, I'm in a dark room with only one bright light shining on me. Oh god. A person is interviewing me!! The jail way.

"Whats the brats name?" A cop asked.

"Me or him?" I replied.

"We already know his. Yours!! Idiot."

"Jesse. Jesse Sharpe."

"How do you know Jai?"

"I met him at school."

"Did he kidnap you?"

"No. My parents killed each other so I went to my best friends family, Jai's. But his parents committed suicide."

"How long have you been living with Jai?"

"5 years."

"What do you do when hes out commiting crimes?" Jai's giving me the look. That look means to not tell him I commit crimes too.

"Well, Mr. Boabard, I watch Spongebob." I lied. I am a pro lier.

"Hmm. Spongebob. Lovely. What episode was on Nick yesterday when he robbed Stop&Shop?"


"Correct." I smiled.

"Can Jai go now? He has to take care of me. I have no family. They all died." I started crying.

"Of course... NOT! Jai is staying where he belongs. Juvey. We are taking you to the orphanage."



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