Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


26. Goin Solo (final chapter)

   I want my old life back. I packed my things and called Jai. I told him Im coming home. "What? Criminal? But? Leaving? Now? Bye." Niall said. He looked sad. Niall felt like a brother to me. "Yes yes yes ye yes. Bye." I left. I said goodbye first, then i left into this cruel world. I love it. I drove to Jai and my house. I grabbed my keys and walked inside. "JAI IM BACK!! I left the boys! I can kill Liam if ya want?" I screamed. "Jess!!" That was the Jai i knew! "Change of plans. No need to kill Liam. We just need to fit in this Criminal world. You came to the right person if you want your life back." "Jai, my big bro, You are the bestest person on earth. And I would know. i know Ima Bitch. Write it in shinyy letters. Being a bitch is fun Jai. It includes rudeness and everything that describes me. Lets look for some trouble!" I encouraged. Jai and I are going solo. Together.

                             THE END!! AAHH! CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE!

HEy guys marley here! How did you like Criminal? Criminal 2 is coming out soon! Cant update tomorrow. Stupid school project due on monday. So I wont be able to start Criminal2: Stole my Heart. See ya mah Lovelies! Xx-Marley!

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