Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


17. Erm.. Im Emily


*****EMILYS POV*****

  I just moved to London, and things are getting crazy. I met a boy named Harry. He lived in the old neighborhood I did. Something Chapel. I already forgot my ex home. He asked me out on a date. He said I was perfect!!! YAYAYAY!  My mummy and daddy tell me that I'm perfect for him. I have a bubbly personality. He is perfect!! Last night, he asked me to stay at his place. One Direction is his band. And he lives with them. I guess I do too now. I dunno how to put this. I realized that Harry had fallen in love with two other girls. They were beautiful. Luckily for me, Niall and Liam have taken them. I knocked on "Harrys" door.


"Hellooooooo OOIII!" Louis kicked him in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The balls. Right now. Ugh.

"Haz its Emmiez! Your bestfriend since.. ever?! But we lost touch when moved! Then I moved into town and thought of you!" I stated.

"EMMIEEEEZZZ OOOOIII!!! Louiisss!" He said in a super high and squeaky voice.

Poor baby. 






Hey guys Marley here!! Sorry for such a short chapter. A little shoutout to 1Dismykryptonite! Did I get the name right Emily? Emily here, is the first fan to ask to be in the story. K.Styles is a co author, so it kinda isn't coming out of no where. Emily is a great story writer and she doesn't see it in her! Become a fan of hers so she can believe! Do what you did to support me to Emily!! Thanks guys! A special thanks to: K.Styles, S.R. Arora, and 1Dismykryptonite(Emily!) !!! Thanks for all your support people!!

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