Jesse is lost. She has committed crimes but has never been found. She has been hunted. The C2 agency has been after her for years now. He life has changed because of meeting 5 uncertain boys...


3. 9 years later.

Hey guys! Trustme1D here, and I just wanna know, how do you like the book so far? Sorry about the cursing, it just adds spice. So I want you guys to realize how Jesse is feeling. Do you think Jesse will hold a grudge and be mean and grouchy? Do yoh think she will continue Jai's actions? Do you think the opposite? Please comment what you think about Criminal!! Tell your friends on Movellas if you reccomend me! I need more fans!! I only have 2 so far!! If this is the first book you read by me, I suggest you read the "Harry" series. It starts with the book "Trust is a hard thing" Then "Hazza." Then finally "Marry Harry?" but I didnt finish that one yet. Keep reading! Hope you enjoy! Mumble about me! Mumble to your friends to become a fan of mine! If you get me more fans, I will become a fan of you! Just mumble to me if you got me more fans. Maybe I'll put you in Criminal 2!! 




*****Story* 9years later*****


   My sneakers are hurting my feet as they hit the ground. I feel sweat dripping down my face, and through my hair. It is cold like ice, yet warm like summer. The wind makes it harder to breath when I am running. As I turn a corner, I hear more and more cop sirens. Reflecting off the streets, I see red and blue lights. I know I'm dead meat now. I need a place to hide.

Starbucks? Ew no way in hell.

McDonalds? Grody.

Burger King? Too suspicious.

Delias? YES!

I bolt into Delias with great pride. With my hoodie up, nobody reconizes me. I went to a rack. The rack had this cute t-shirt with a tiger on it. I grabbed that, an pair of neon yellow shorts, and high knee sneakers. All my size! Yay! I bolted into the changing room and unzipped my backpack. I took a scissor out of a pocket in my backpack. Then, I cut the tags off of the pants, shirt and sneakers. Then I put my new clothes on. I grabbed my dagger out of my backpack and stuffed it into my sneaker. Upside down, so it would not stab me. Then I put my gun into my backpack. I took green eye contacts out of my bag and put them in my eyes. Then I poked the lenses out of purple "cute nerd" glasses and put those on. Then I walked out of the changing room. I looked like a different girl. I walked into a hair salon. I sat down and an asian lady walked up to me. (Don't worry I'm not racist)

"How may I help you?" she asked very politely.

"Can you dye my hair dirty blonde? But make there be some brown showing too." I replied nicely. Gr. I hate nice things. About and hour later she was finished. "Wow! That looks terrific! Thanks!" No thanks. I payed and walked out.

A whole new Jesse.

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