A Comedy of Nothing

When three year 11 students try and sit the compulsory General Assessment Task for their final year of school subjects, things start to go terribly wrong.
They are mistaken for murderers.


7. Chapter Seven: The final chapter.


E: Nice and dramatic, Cards. I'm proud of you.

C: Why thank you. Now, before I continue the story, I would like to ask the teachers a question. (Leaning forward). If you had just been released from hospital and were casually walking to the shops to buy a drink...

E: And Malteasers.

C: And Malteasers. And then you saw the good guys that wanted to kill you, what would you do?

Mandy: Run.

C: What if you literally bumped into them?

Mandy: I'd refer them to my meeting with the real criminals.

C: Good. Because that's exactly what happened. At first, the scary guard and I just stared at each other for a while. Then he said,

'You're not them, are you?'

We all nodded.

'We're not them.' Lizzie confirmed.

The guard sighed. 'Do you know where they are?'

We nodded, and explained our meeting.

The guard smiled. 'We'll be there.' He said. 'But what you tell me is most pleasing. Because the lot are under eighteen, we may be able to wipe the slate clear. I have a feeling tomorrow's meeting will be most interesting.'

I guess I thought that was a little ridiculous, considering all the crimes they’d committed. Now I think I appreciate it more.

That night we stayed at Lizzie's house. All we really did was sleep. I think the only meal we had was breakfast.

V: (nods). And then we had to leave for school.

E: We slept on the way.

Mandy: (Pretending to be surprised). You didn't play Donkey Tom?!

The group smiled and replied, 'No.'

C: So we walked down to McDonalds with the bad guys. We weren't going to go in, but that was where we had said we'd meet the good guys.

Once we reached the place, I figured we should explain the situation.

'We ran into the organization the other day.' I began.

The three's faces immediately fell.

I smiled, 'Don't be so worried!'

Sassy was worried. 'You came back alive! That's a bad sign!'

I couldn't blame her for that reasoning.

Coke's eyes flooded with fear. 'They're coming.' She said.

True enough. They were coming.

Cards sighed here. The group suddenly became very silent.

C: (laughing) I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

E: (Actually says nothing for once).

VB: (Actually does cry).

C: (sniffs. Sheds one tear. Continues story). They panicked and ran.

E: (also crying now). They didn't look both ways before crossing the road. They only looked left!

Mandy and Marion look at each other, their faces filled with horror. I can almost read their thoughts: ‘Mandy: Either they're the best actors at this school, or this is real! Marion: Help me! They're crying!’

No, I'm not a mind reader, but a student gets to know their teachers.

After a long silence, Cards continued.

C: So we got our ID back. The organization apologized and escorted us to school. They even offered to let us each have a turn driving the Lamborghini.

Marion: Naturally, you refused.

C: (smiles. The group's eyes light up cheekily). At first. But they insisted. I was the first to give in. VB was the last.

Mandy: You lot are terrible!

E: We cried didn't we!?

VB: No, we ARE terrible.

C: We were forced to sign papers swearing secrecy, and they also made us promise to act bright and cheery. We said that the teachers would ask us where we had been, and they said, 'Act overly happy and they'll soon give up on the story'.

Here Mandy and Marion looked at each other in amusement.

Marion: Admittedly, we very nearly did give up on you. (Sighs). This is the end of the story?


Mandy: Then you may leave. We will send your story to the GAT examiners, though I doubt they will believe you. You have no evidence.

C: (Standing to leave). Sure. (Solemnly places envelope on table).

The three filed out, and Marion and Mandy began debating whether or not the story was true. After a while, I interfered by saying, 'What's in the envelope?'

Mandy picked it up and opened it. She pulled out three cards. Looking at them, she found they were student identity cards... with three faces exactly like those that had been described as Speed, Coke, and Sassy.

The two teachers turned to each other and walked over to the window. Watching the solemn students, they turned to each other.

Marion: Do you believe them?

Mandy: They have to be telling the truth. After all, they're three of our best students. They're honest, and they get the work done. Why would that suddenly change now?'

Marion: (Nods). I find that I also believe them.

I too, believe Cards, Lizzie, and VB.

The question is - do you?

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