Carrots And Crushes

It all started in the vegetable aisle of the grocery store. Catherine was just trying to buy a bushel of carrots. Louis and the rest of One Direction were stocking up on food for a party. It took just a second, just one moment, for Louis Tomlinson to lock eyes with Catherine Winter and for him it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Catherine didn't feel the same way. In fact, she'd rather eat her mom's overlooked spinach than be around Louis.


1. I'm Not Happy


Reasons Why Louis is Amazing
1. I'm famous.
2. I'm rich.
3. Girls trip over themselves and cry when I walk past them. 
4. I get to travel the world. 
5. I'm hot.

Reasons Why Louis Isn't Amazing
1. I'm not happy. 

There, I said it. I'm not happy. I have everything I could ever wish for and I'm still not satisfied. There's just something missing in my life, but I don't know what that thing is. 

Believe me, I've tried making this empty feeling in my heart go away. I bought myself a brand new car, I spend tons of money on clothes, and I go through girls like I go through TOMS. I wear a new pair everyday before I throw them away. 

But that pain down in the depths of my heart just won't go away. It won't leave me alone. It's eating away at me and the only way to quiet it is to spend more money and party with hot girls.

Unfortunately, it only relieves the pain temporarily. After the adrenaline rush is gone, I'm back to being unhappy. Lately, I just don't want to be me. I wish that I was someone else, that I could go back to the time when I wasn't famous. 

I think fame is starting to get to my head. 

Suddenly, I heard a noise from downstairs. The boys must be home. I sighed and hid my notebook under my mattress. The boys didn't need to find out that I write lists about how amazing I am. I would never hear the end of it because the world thinks that we're all level-headed and haven't let the attention get to us. 

I exited my bedroom, gently closing the door behind me. As I walked downstairs, I plastered my signature grin on my face and turned on my craziness. 


"There you are!" I shouted as I saw Louis amble towards us. "How was your nap? Are you feeling better?"

He yawned, stretching his arms up and cracking his back. Then he started jumping up and down. I chuckled. This was normal behavior, Louis was constantly hyper. I might be the youngest in the group, but Louis definitely acted the most childlike.

"I feel absolutely amazing! That nap definitely helped!" he said with a huge smile on his face. "In fact, how about we throw a party tonight? We could buy a few beers, invite a few girls, pump up the music, and be ROCK STARS!"

Then Zayn walked up behind me and nodded his head. "Great idea, Louis!"

Niall wandered over with Liam. "Yes! Let's party! But we need to buy some food."

"Then let's go! Everyone into Louis' car." Liam shouted as Louis jumped ahead of everyone. 

"I'll drive!" he said. "Everyone text all of your friends. This is going to be fun!"


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