Carrots And Crushes

It all started in the vegetable aisle of the grocery store. Catherine was just trying to buy a bushel of carrots. Louis and the rest of One Direction were stocking up on food for a party. It took just a second, just one moment, for Louis Tomlinson to lock eyes with Catherine Winter and for him it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Catherine didn't feel the same way. In fact, she'd rather eat her mom's overlooked spinach than be around Louis.


2. Five Rowdy Boys


"I'm going to the grocery store now! Do you two want anything?" I shouted, hoping my two roommates would hear me. 

"I want chips!" shouted Melissa.

"Will you get me a blueberry muffin?" replied Sandra. 

"Sure, I'll be back soon!" I said as I shut the door to our apartment behind me. Melissa Flanagan and Sandra Kelly were my roommates and they were the best roommates a girl could ever wish for. We all are going to the same college and instantly clicked when we met in our Calculus class last year. 

Melissa was tall with red hair and blue eyes. She was the smart one out of the three of us, but she could still party like there was no tomorrow. She wanted to major business and hoped to own a successful company one day. Knowing her, she'd reach her goal in no time. 

Sandra had sleek, jet black hair that reached a little past her shoulders. She was petite with big brown eyes that saw everything; Sandra was absolutely adorable. All the guys had a crush on her and a lot of girls were jealous of the attention she got. She didn't let the haters get to her though. She was planning on majoring in high fashion and nobody was going to bring her down. 

Then there's me, Catherine Winter. I'm just plain old me. With crazy blonde corkscrew curls and blue eyes, I wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but I wasn't horrifying to look at. I was planning on majoring in event planning. 

The three of us joke that someday we'll open our own fashion line. Melissa has the business and accounting skills, Sandra's the creative genious and will design all our clothes, and I'll schedule the fashion shows.

As I climbed into my car, I cranked the heat up and turned on the radio. It was absolutely freezing and I fiddled with the stations while waiting for my car to get warm. I paused at one channel and One Direction's music starting blaring through my speakers. I grumbled and quickly changed the channel. I cannot stand One Direction. They're a famous band from the UK and I really wished they had stayed over there.

Now I'll admit it, their music is decent. It doesn't sound like it was digitally perfected, but how would I know? Their voices sounded alright, but it was their personalities that turn me off. They're always in those gossip magazines talking about how many girls they've kissed or had sex with. It disgusts me and they have huge egos. 

The one that bothers me the most is named Louis. He thinks he's the greatest person to ever walk the planet. He is obsessed with partying and it seems like he has the biggest head out of all the boys. He's vain and has sex with a different girl every night. Believe me, I've seen pictures of him stumbling out of clubs with a different girl every time. I mean, he can do whatever he wants, but sooner or later it'll catch up to him. 

The car was finally warm and I started driving to the grocery store. It took about fifteen minutes and the whole way there I didn't listen to any music. One Direction was literally playing on every channel. I sighed out loud. There was just no escape from them. 

I hopped out of my car and swiftly walked into the grocery store, grabbing a basket on my way in. I scanned my list and decided to get Sandra's blueberry muffin first. Then I got Melissa's chips and headed over to the produce aisle. I picked out a few apples and grapes from the fruit section and made my way towards the vegetable stands. 

As I walked up to the carrot section, I saw five rowdy boys from the corner of my eye.


Also, please don't hate me for how I portray the boys in this chapter. I'm not really sure if they party hard and I don't think Louis is as self-centered like Catherine says. Please keep in mind that this is purely FICTION. Thanks <3

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