It All Started With A Party

Abigail Alexandria Madrid & Her Sister Rosalie Marie Madrid Have just Ram Away From There Abusive Mother .From Australia To London . Were there they meet there Manager or Uncle Si . He Knew about our mother & told us to leave . uncle si Buys Them A flat . But One Day At Uncle Si's for us at his house we See Them .
those Familiar 5 Handsome breathtaking Boys


3. meeting Liam & Welcoming Party

We Soon Reached Our New Flat Were Uncle Si Was Wating . We Followed the instructions to get to the flat , Rosalie Quietly Knocked the door . An UnFamiliar Boy Answred the Door & My Goodness Was He An Angel ! 

rosalie Was Confused & Backed away from the door & Saids " Sorry For bothering you ive must of gotten the wrong Address"

he began to talk but got interuped by Uncel Si's talking in the backround  . I Really didnt Care at the moment if it was our flat or not i ran in side nudging the perfect boy & running to uncel si . UNCLE SI ! I yelled As he hugged me . i Felt Complete i Felt i Was Finally Safe ! Rosalie . Quickly hugged him too . After our Greetings uncle si Said so Girls This Is Your New Flat ! Rosalie & I Looked around it was Beautiful . 

Si then said oh My Apologizes Girls This Is Liam , he is Also Signed with me in other words in there uncel si too 

rOSALIE sHOOK his Hand & introduced her self 

As For Me I Smiled & Sid niice to meet you Liam Im Abby 

Uncele si Said Alright girls well meet you at my house for a party tonight wear something ravishing the car keys are on the table & directions Are in the car  

i Smiled & My Sister & i Sid thank you uncle si for everything 

he smiled we said bye & Simon nd liam Left 

 we Quickly got in the Shower 

i decided to wear a Floral pattern dress mid thigh  i Curled my hair & put on light make - up 

Rosalie wore a skin tight red dress straigtined her hair & light make up it was know 8;:00

Time to Go 

we Quickly reached the Fenced house MY GLOB WAS IT HUGE & BEAUTIFUL ! We Entered the House Finally 

they were many familiar & unfamiliar faces . We Spotted uncel si & Liam. 

uncle si & Liam said hi & Uncle si SAID . Liam why dont you go introduce the girls to the rest of the boys :) liam Nodded & Smiled 

i thought to ,my self woah theres More! 

we Followed liam to the circle table Filled with 4 other perfect boys 

& there he was the on who Caught my eye Bloned hair with brown roots crystal Blue eyes & just perfect .


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