It All Started With A Party

Abigail Alexandria Madrid & Her Sister Rosalie Marie Madrid Have just Ram Away From There Abusive Mother .From Australia To London . Were there they meet there Manager or Uncle Si . He Knew about our mother & told us to leave . uncle si Buys Them A flat . But One Day At Uncle Si's for us at his house we See Them .
those Familiar 5 Handsome breathtaking Boys


1. Introduction

Hello There my Name is Abigail Alexandria Madrid .

 turned 17 February 14 yep . In Short For MY age im 5" FT 

I HAVE DARK BLUE EYES , Long Black Hair 

i Am Average in weight  

i Hve 13  brothers & Sisters i hardly Know any of them   excepet for my Sister rosalie 

Rosalie Can Be Kind of mean somthimes 

shes 18 


Blu eyes shoulder length RED hair 

**** 5 hrs ago 

me & my Sister hAD nO Choice But To Run 

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