It All Started With A Party

Abigail Alexandria Madrid & Her Sister Rosalie Marie Madrid Have just Ram Away From There Abusive Mother .From Australia To London . Were there they meet there Manager or Uncle Si . He Knew about our mother & told us to leave . uncle si Buys Them A flat . But One Day At Uncle Si's for us at his house we See Them .
those Familiar 5 Handsome breathtaking Boys


4. His Name Is Niall

Liam Introduced us Guys This Is Abby & Rosalie i Smiled & Liam SAID gIRLS THIS IS Zayn he motioned to the quiffed haired boy with many Exotic tattoos . This Is Louis he pointed to the child like boy stuffin his mouth with carrots as he said HIIII !!!! I giggled he Pointed to Curly Haired Green orbs Boys I could tell rosalie like him by the was she wasent paying attention . this is Harry girls liam Spoke Harry go up put his arm Around Rosalie & Left outside to talk i guess i Soon Felt AWKWARD !  liam Pointed to the perfect blonde & Said this is Niall he turned his head to the sound of his name

Nialls P.O.V 

You Know i was just chilling happliy making conversations with Girls when i Heard my Name i rolled my eyes & excused my self from the conversation 

it was just Liam Anyway Probably Gonna Nag About me having my back to Some people he was introducing us 

i Turned me head with a Annoyed Face & There She Stood Beautiful Short Perfectly curled dark brown Hair The Way She Looked in that dres was amazing i quickly smiled as She Looked Very familiar . 

I Got up & Shook Her Tiny Hand & Said Niall :) Smiling , She was Bright red She Smiled Her Smile Made4 Me Melt her Perfect beautiful Smile oh God . Abigail she spoke .

Wanna Go Outside & Talk Some More abby ? i Said 

she smiled & Lead the way out side

I Could tell This Was Gonnna BE GOOD ;) 



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