It All Started With A Party

Abigail Alexandria Madrid & Her Sister Rosalie Marie Madrid Have just Ram Away From There Abusive Mother .From Australia To London . Were there they meet there Manager or Uncle Si . He Knew about our mother & told us to leave . uncle si Buys Them A flat . But One Day At Uncle Si's for us at his house we See Them .
those Familiar 5 Handsome breathtaking Boys


2. 5hrs Ago


i had just gotten home from school everything was Somewhat Cool . i went up stairs  to see my sister rosalie packing her suit case for tonight i smiled As the Plan of us leaving tonight ran thru my head my thoughts were interupped when My Crack Head Of a mother got home & Slamed the door . my eyes widenes As I thought * Ahh Shit * Rosalie quickly put her suit case under her bed As My Mother Screamed at Us To go down stairs . not wanting any problem me & my sister went down to the kitchen were there She was standing she wreeked of liquor

yes ma" i was cut off but her hand swinging & connected with my cheek tears statred to fill my eyes . she was doing it again & she wasent gonna stop till she was pleased with her beating ! she kicked me in my ribs i winced at the pain as she threw my sister to the floor & pratically beat her to death ! i screamed at my mother tellingher to stop but she kept hitting here 

Rosalie Soon Was Left Bleeding her guts out on the floor . i tried helping but my mum grabed me by my hair & draged ,me up the stairs . when we reache the top of the stairs i was yelling in pain & fear       she then pushed me down the stairs & she was scream at the top of her lung your filthy you peice of shit i hate you your worthless

She slammed the door to her room . 

i wantd to give up just close my eyes to lay there & die 

but i quickly felt cold hands On me it was rosalie , She Sid no stay awake we have to leave to night . i looked in to her sad worried eyes . 

i quickly got up as we went ninja status to get our suit cases & we left we ran as Fast as our tinly little legs could take us ! 

we reached the airport . we were know on a plane  

i thought to my self free im finally free for that devil ! i closed my eyes & as soon as i knew it we were in London   . we walked out side my god was it beautiful . ! it was breathtaking ! i looked at rosalie & i ASKED her what know 

She took my had & lifted her other had to signal for a taxi we got in & she finally spoke & SAID KNOW were free our manager bough us a flat & is there right know i smiled & replied 

good I Finally get to see uncle si 

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