Rhythm of Love

We may only have tonight
But 'til the morning sun, you're mine, all mine
Play the music low
And sway to the rhythm of love

Well, my heart beats like a drum, guitar string to the strum
A beautiful song to be sung
She's got blue eyes, deep like the sea that roll back when she's laughin' at me
She rises up like the tide the moment her lips meet mine


15. The Rythm of Love & The One that I Love

"I have to tell you something...I'm moving."

I couldn't speak. The words came crashing down on me. The only thing managing to come out of my mouth was, "what?" Tear threatening to pour from my eyes. 

"I'm sorry Lavender. I really am, but my parents are making me take a scholarship." 

"Why didn't you tell me before?" I muttered. He didn't speak, but looked at the floor and shook his head. 

"When are you leaving?" 

"Tomorrow." He whispered. 

A tear escaped my eye. I turned away not wanting to look at him any longer. 

He pulled me back to him, so closer I could feel his breath on my skin. 

Before I could think his lips hit mine, moving in sync. 

I pulled away abruptly. 

"I think I love you." He mumbled brushing back a strand of hair that had fallen in my face. 

"I think I do to." I whispered before kissing him once more. 

"May I have this dance?" He smirked pulling me close to him. He is the one that I love. 

Music began to play as we danced one last time. 

We may only have tonight
But till the morning sun, you're mine
All mine
Play the music low
And sway to the rhythm of love

When the moon is low
We can dance in slow motion
And all your tears will subside
All your tears will dry

And long after I've gone
You'll still be humming along
And I will keep you in my mind
The way you make love so fine. 



"goodbye Harry. You'll always be my first love." I whispered as I embraced him in a hug. 

"Good bye.  You'll always be mine too." 

He whispered back tears pricking at my eyes. 

"Promise me you'll remember me?" 

"How could I forget." He smirked pulling me into a kiss. 

I waved him off as he pulled out of the drive way. 

Disappearing into the horizon line. 

Never to be seen again.


Heyy guys!! I can't believe the book is over. Or is it? I mite continue or I mite not. 

Depends on you. If you want more comment. If you don't then don't. 

I will be publishing a new book called "Beneath Your Beautiful. (A Harry Styles fanfic)" 

soon would you like the prologue? Is so COMMENT!! Read my other movellas and like, favorite, and comment!! ~dont stop believing~ <3 skittles!! 

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