Rhythm of Love

We may only have tonight
But 'til the morning sun, you're mine, all mine
Play the music low
And sway to the rhythm of love

Well, my heart beats like a drum, guitar string to the strum
A beautiful song to be sung
She's got blue eyes, deep like the sea that roll back when she's laughin' at me
She rises up like the tide the moment her lips meet mine


1. Note passing & love that's not lasting

I walked out into the cold September air. Goose bumps formed on my arms. I pulled my jacket closer to my body in effort to 

Keep myself warm. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in letting the fresh air fill my nose. I got it school in a short amount of time but I still was t quite awake. 

I scribbled on my paper and gazed out the window. 

"Miss Lavender." My teacher cleared his throat. Everyone's heads shot towards me. 

"Yes." I snapped out of my day dreams.  

"Class is for learning not for day dreaming like a fool." He slammed a piece of paper on my desk. 

"Yes sir." I moaned sinking deeper into my seat. I began doing sentences my usual punishment for not paying attention.

As I sat bored writing down the same sentence over and over again. 'I will not day dream during class.' I felt a kick on the back of my chair. 

I turned around irritated to face Harry the most coolest, popular, rich, athletic boy in school, oh did I forget to mention I hate him! 

"What!?!?" I mouthed. 

He just smirked and handed me a note. I snatched out of his hands and opened it. 

"Meet me after school behind the bleachers ;) ~Jon~" Everyone in the school knows I like Jon. But what if it's truly him and he really wants me to meet up with him.  

~~~after school~~~ 

I'm not sure if I should do this but you would never know, I mean he could stand there waiting for me and I wouldn't show up and he wouldn't even look at me. If he thinks I stood him up. I walked past the football field and down to the shed behind the bleachers. I peered around the corner just to be safe. All I saw was Jon sitting on the rail that's supported the beams to the bleachers. 

I took a deep breath to let out my nerves. I straighter my shirt. 

I walked out. "Lavender." He smiled weakly. 

"Hi." I said shy


"Hey." He sounded a little weird. 

"Why did you want me here?" I asked. 


"Umm," he looked off to the side then gulped a barely nodded no. This didn't feel right he was hiding something. 

"I wanted to..ask you something." My heart skipped a beat as those words came out of his mouth. 

He leaned closer to m

e then....

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