"lucky to be in love with my best friend"

ok so this is a larry story dont kill me! im not a crazy larry shipper like 'screw managment let them fuck' kinda person but if they are real i wouldnt be shocked and i would support them 100% percent :) anywho... please read! :D ps.there will be some 'intimate' parts in here ;)

i love harry styles.he is my best friend but i want him to be more i dont think he knows i love him.the other buys do and urge me to tell him but im just too scared i guess :/.

what will cause louis to tell harry he loves him? love a good love story? well read this please! ps.i totally support gays when the charecters hate on them its not my opinions i


1. pepsi ;)

louis POV:

i was sitting on the couch in mine and hazza's flat watching the telly, just flipping through channels and stopped on a soccer(footbal) game

i hear the door knob jiggle and open, and the rest of the boys come in with harry, holding subway bags "yessss subway im starving!" i yell i run over to the bags on the counter and open them to find mine, they always know what to get me my 'usuall' haha.

i open up the wrapper and spread it out on the table and wrap my hands arund it and take a big bite out of it i feel someone sit next to me, i look to my right to find harry a.k.a the love of my life and niall to my left with a footlong and a 6 inch....damn

i get up to get a drink and over the counter yell "aye anyone else want a pepsi?" haha. pepsi. good times. i reach in the ferigadator, refrigagator god damn it whats wrong with me?!

"me" i hear the voice that sends tingles down my spine and turn around to see the sexy face that matches it,harrys

i catch him staring at me...well my ass bitting his lip. i turn back around without him seeing but the other boys have smirks on their faces wiggling their eyebrows and nudging each other with their elbows. just to entertain him i stick my head in the...fridge

and do a little booty pop with my ass in the air pretending im just dancing...hehe i grab the pepsi and turn around to see harry bite his lips and put his tongue through them and look me up and down while i walk over i pretend not to notice anything

i set it down infront of him the boys burst out laughing and niall falls out of his chair and is sitting on the ground doing his famous-nialler-laugh (LLN ;) and pounding their fists on the table

harrys face looks like a tomato and i act cofused "what?" i ask "ya whats so funny?" harry asks they settle down and me and harry turn out heads back to our sandwitches.

the other boys look at me and wink,thumbs up etc. i smile to myself and take a giant bite out of my sub and eat the rest of it and go to my room upstairs and change my shirt since i got some pepsi on it and throw my dirty one in the hamper and go back down stairs to the rest of the boys.


sorry its short this is just to get it started do you guys like it? i promiss the next chapter will be more interesting/dramatic :) plaese like favorite and comment!! luff you guise ;) <33



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