"lucky to be in love with my best friend"

ok so this is a larry story dont kill me! im not a crazy larry shipper like 'screw managment let them fuck' kinda person but if they are real i wouldnt be shocked and i would support them 100% percent :) anywho... please read! :D ps.there will be some 'intimate' parts in here ;)

i love harry styles.he is my best friend but i want him to be more i dont think he knows i love him.the other buys do and urge me to tell him but im just too scared i guess :/.

what will cause louis to tell harry he loves him? love a good love story? well read this please! ps.i totally support gays when the charecters hate on them its not my opinions i


10. ok its short but...chapter 5!! :D

sorry..ites reeeally short but its something! :) <3 i did this because i love you guys!! your so supportive and gahh i love youuu <333

ps. i LOVE eleanor...no hate ever givien to her from me...js :) 


louis' POV:

i was sitting in my room blasting Ed Sheeran's album, belting the lyrics to myself...awkward...what ever! :) (im doing this right now..god damn im so creative!) and looking through my closet occasionaly stopping, tilting my head and screaming a line. ive been 'organizing' my closet for about a half an hour now so i guess ill actually look through it now. i need to find THE perfect outfit for mine and Hazza's date muahaha well...he doesnt know yet... i have this whole romantic way to ask him and ahhh it needs to be perfect! i cant decide between three different jackets so i decide to call over El, no she's not really my girlfriend she knows im gay and totally supports me, we have sleep overs and go shopping all the time! i really do love her she's great she's one of my best friends. i grab my phone and go through my contacts "ahh here we go" i say to myself finding her name

calling Elly gurrl <3 

"hey" i hear her voice

"hey! El i need help!! SOS!!" i shout, pretending im dying 

she laughs lightly "ok watcha need Lou?" she asks 

"get over here and ill show youuuu" i whine 

"ok, ok ill be there in 10" she states

"yayyy!!" i yell into the phone and hang up. 

i run out into the kitchen and find a cheese stick out of the...ferige....and peel it i then start over thinking the word fridge and start saying to myself moving my lips in awkward ways, trying to form the word "fa-ridge" "fer-ig-a-dator-er" "ree-fa-ridge-gat-" 


"need a little hel-

"HOLY FUCKING JESUS CHRIST I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE THERE!!" I scream to a very amused Eleanor standing in the door of my kitchen, while im sprawled out on the counter, left hand on the counter top, right hand over my chest dramatically gasping for air while she laughs. she pretends to 'boo' in front of me and i fall into a ball on the floor pretending to hyperventalate "make the monster go away!" i screech loudly making El plug her ears laughing, i get up laughing and take her hand :come onnnn i need hellllp" i whine and sit her on the end of my bed "ok wich one is better for a first-date-trying-but-not-look-like-im-trying-too-hard?" her eyes widen and she opens her mouth and squeels "oh my god! you and harry are going on your first date?!" she screams i grin back "yesss!!!!!...well...i havnt um...asked him yet...thats why this NEEDS to be PERFECT" i shout back we jump up and down for a minute and then get down to business trying on everything and modeling it before deciding on black skinnies with a white tee shirt and a nice black blazer i take the outfit off and hang it up so it doesnt get wrinkled

after an hour or two, eleanor has to leave so we say our goodbyes and i get ready for bed, i lay down and flick off my lamp. i cant wait for friday, todays wednesday so not too far away :)


your welcome bitches ._____. bahahaha jkjk lol luff yew guise :* <3

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