"lucky to be in love with my best friend"

ok so this is a larry story dont kill me! im not a crazy larry shipper like 'screw managment let them fuck' kinda person but if they are real i wouldnt be shocked and i would support them 100% percent :) anywho... please read! :D ps.there will be some 'intimate' parts in here ;)

i love harry styles.he is my best friend but i want him to be more i dont think he knows i love him.the other buys do and urge me to tell him but im just too scared i guess :/.

what will cause louis to tell harry he loves him? love a good love story? well read this please! ps.i totally support gays when the charecters hate on them its not my opinions i


2. is he gay?

harrys POV:

god damn you louis tomlinson ._. Y U HAVE TO BE SO SEXY?! grr i dont want to be gay but i am, i cant control it!

i havnt told any of the guys yet i havnt even told louis but i guess i need to talk to him sooner then later about is because i know him he'll be either glad or upset about the fact i might be gay, i know he'll still accept me but he might be upset because

i waited so long to tell him we've lived together for about a year now. i dont want to tell him because of all the 'larry is bullshit' stuff on his twittr but i do know that management talks to him the most so maybe...he is gay? gahh i dont know i guess theres a chance

just then louis comes downstairs.....shirtless O-O 

jesus take the wheel. all the sudden he looks satisfied confident and..jelous? all at the same time on his way the couch, sitting next to me he asks "who's the lucky girl?" and motioning to my boner that i was trying very hard to cover up...i guess i made it to obvious grr curse you penis!! (lol) "i-erm...someone.." i get out before rushing up to my room to take care of this...


louis POV:

god damn it. why does harry have to be straight?! but he does stare at me a lot i know he only pretend kisses my face and talks about our 'relationship'....well we used to but we're not aloud to anymore...i just wish it was real.

what i wouldnt do to be harry styles' boyfriend.


please read!!!

sorry its short but i felt bad about not updating :) ur welcome ._. bahaha do you guys like this so far? :/ and i was jw am i anyones favorite author or movella? :) well give me feedback! and comment what you want to happen next and ill read them and think about it :) xx

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