"lucky to be in love with my best friend"

ok so this is a larry story dont kill me! im not a crazy larry shipper like 'screw managment let them fuck' kinda person but if they are real i wouldnt be shocked and i would support them 100% percent :) anywho... please read! :D ps.there will be some 'intimate' parts in here ;)

i love harry styles.he is my best friend but i want him to be more i dont think he knows i love him.the other buys do and urge me to tell him but im just too scared i guess :/.

what will cause louis to tell harry he loves him? love a good love story? well read this please! ps.i totally support gays when the charecters hate on them its not my opinions i


14. chapter 7

heeey guys :3 um so im pretty depressed right now... bad. so thats what had inspired this chapter :/ i thought 'hey maybe writting about happiness will make me happy! if you want to talk follow/ DM me on twitter- @cassidybarrettx ( and i need more followers ;)   here ya guys go 

WARNING a tad PG-13/ maaaybe R... but thats ok.. ;D if ya know what i meeean ;) wink wink


Louis' POV:

I think back to last night, our first date, im so happy i took control and asked him, i feel an unmistakable grin spread across my face, while looking at the ground, my red TOMS becoming increasingly fascinating, as the boys grill Harry and I about our date, we told them everything, from my knocking on the door with a single red rose in my hand to when we got back, but we stopped there, not sharing our intimate night... no we didn't have sex but we had a whole lot of fun..


I opened up the door for Harry and followed him inside, locking the door, to say i was surprised was an understatement when i was pushed up against the door, feeling a familiar pair of pink lips on my own, I smile into the kiss before I deepened it, tangling my hair in his beautiful curls and swiping my tongue across his bottom lip playfully, allowing me access to his mouth, we explore every part of each others mouth before I jump up on Harry, wrapping my arms around his neck, his hands under my thighs, I make a growling noise as he holds me by my large bum instead of my thighs, Harry knowing it's one of my turn on's, i run my fingers through his messy curls, attacking the soft skin of his neck, kissing and sucking, leaving a prominent red, purple speckled love bite. Harry backs us up into my bedroom, tumbling onto my mattress, I smile and crawl on top of him, unbuttoning his shirt, while uniting my lips with his. He takes his shirt off when I undo every button and tosses it to the floor, he smiles at me cheekily, his bright green eyes darker then before, he leans up to my ear


he switches our position, me lying beneath him, he leans down to my ear and whispers seductively

"i prefer to top, and second, how is fair im shirtless and your not?"

he questions, my cheeks go to a darker shade of red at he rids me of my blazer, then my tee shirt, he licks his lips before ducking down and kissing my neck, i moan into his shoulder, feeling him smirk against my hot skin 

"mm, that was fucking sexy" he moans into my chest

he places a trail of kisses down my chest, going painfully slow as he goes lower, I whimper as he kisses around my boxers, Harry and I both knowing full well the erections we're both possessing, he smirks as he takes his sweet time, inching my jeans down my legs.

"Harry stop fucking teasing me" i strain 

He smiles to himself, knowing what he's doing to me, he presses warm kisses up my inner left thigh, repeating the action to the right, whimpering when he reaches the top. 

Finally, he removes my extremely tight boxers, allowing my previously constricted erection, i sigh but am soon gasping for air, when I feel a wet, warm tongue lick the under part of my shaft, and make it's way up to my throbbing head, wrapping around and lightly sucking, i release a loud  groan when Harry straight up deep throat's me, hollowing his pink cheeks and sucking hard, I tangle my hand in his curls and tug harshly when he throatily groans onto me, sending vibrations up my body, an intense wave of pleasure coursing through my veins, causing me to shout his name, moaning on me again, finding me saying his name during this situation a turn on I keep whimpering his name over and over again, one inparticularly long groan, sending me over the edge of pleasure, releasing in Harry's mouth, happily swallowing all of my fluids, licking his lips, moaning at the taste, he crawls on top of me, whispering in my ear 

"that was the best iv'e ever fucking tasted" he smirks

"well now its my turn, babe" i whisper in his ear, biting his lobe 

I decide to cause him as much hormonal pain, as he did to me, slowly licking up his chest, earning a whimper from his plump lips. I glance up to find his with his eyes squeezed close. I lightly suck his right nipple, twirling the left in my hand, causing the younger male beneath me to moan, taking my wrist's 

"stop being such a tease" he whines

"oh, your going to learn what it's like Haz" i wink, smirking at him

I suck at his neck, inching his tight jeans off of him

"i fucking love these tight skinny jeans" i mumble onto his neck, slipping them off his ankles. I carefully pries his black Calvin Klien boxers off his long legs, and gasp at my findings, he's fucking huge! I suddenly feel very insecure and embarrassed of my size, my face reddens, apparently Harry reads my mind, as he leans up and kisses my cheek 

"don't be embarrassed, baby, your fucking perfect" he whispers

I instantly grin, ducking down to him, whispering back

"not as perfect as you" i smile, connecting our lips in a heated kiss, surprising him by grinding out bare crotches together, causing both of us to uncontrollably groan and make inhuman noises, applying more pressure to his hips, whimpering and groaning at the contact. I very slowly thrust onto him a few times, before travelling down his body to meet his giant, throbbing length. I take him in my mouth, sucking and licking until-


"-OUIS?!" Niall yells, waving his hand in front of my face

"wha..oh.." i answer, my face beat red, hung low, damn i really need a new pair of TOMS...

"you zoned out for a moment there...you alright?" he asks, smirking, seeing the red on my cheeks

"i- uh- yeah, i-im fine" i stutter out

I look over to see Harry in the same state as me, but a little more confident

"I guess his mind was focused on other things" he winks at me, smirking, obviously knowing what im thinking of. Niall looks at us, bewildered

"Do I want to know?..." he asks

"Probably not" i answer, laughing

"Oh...ok then.." Niall stands up from the couch and wanders into the kitchen, Harry scooting closer to me, his left arm slung around my shoulders, i smile and lay my head on his shoulder, I jump when I feel his hand on my thigh, moving it up as he leans closer

"you know, I enjoyed last night" he states quietly, yet seductively 

"hmm... i guess it was alright" i shrug, joking with him, i laugh and push his shoulder 

"Im just joking, Haz, last night was amazing" i tell him, making him grin

Just as we started full on making out (snogging..haha) ,straddling Harry's lap, the boys walk in, wolf whistling and fist pumping i hear zayn shout out

"get someeee" i laugh before pretending to glare at him , i turn my legs so im laying horizontally across Harry's legs, making ti comfortable for both of us. Out of no where I hear Niall start to giggle to himself

"what?" I ask first, he looks up at Harry and I before speaking

"I was just thinking... who's the girl in this relationship?" he asks, full of amusement, I dont even have to ponder it very long, i sigh deeply

"probably me" i groan, knowing Harry's more dominant and protective nature, physically stronger, taller... ya im the girl. They start laughing at me before I speak again

"But I don't care, as long as Im with Haz" i gush, moving some curls away from his forehead, before pecking his lips lightly, earning and 'awww' from every body in the room, including Harry. I laugh and stand up slightly, Harry looking confused, I move his legs so he's sitting horizontally across the couch, i spread his legs enough for me to settle in between them. He puts his hands around my waist, intertwining our fingers, i smile before sighing and closing my eyes, turning my head slightly, so I can hear his steady heart beat, before i slip into my much desired sleep, I feel Harry's lips place a kiss to my cheek.

"Goodnight Boo"

"mmm night Hazza" i mumble into his chest, letting his heart beat rock me into oblivion 


AHHH I AM SOBBING. SOBBING I TELL YOU!! soooooo i loved writting this chapter :)) the little dirty scene wasnt nearly as awkward as i thought and the ending... it *sniffle* it was just so fucking cute :'D <3 I MADE IT EXTRA LONG!!! :D YOUR WELCOME BITCHESSSS ;D


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