(btw i love one direction so this is just for spare time)hi im chloe and i love one direction me and my mate alicia have tickets to see there show when it all gets bad what will happen :( xxx


3. who am i going to have or ???? xx

 alicias p.v.o as we cuddled in the bed he tried to take my of my top i breath heavily and he looks at me and said "shut up" i quickly did as i was told and just led there as he did you know what *after you know what* we fell asleep *in the morning* i went down stair and saw niall harry was running down the stairs at me so i went and squeezed in between niall and louis i knew that louis loved me but niall i dont know as i sat down harry came over and tried to grab my arm but niall put me on his lap and i put my head into his chest as he held me close hary gave him the evils.after about 20 mins niall was hungry so he took me to NADOS and we took it out with us and as we got back harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bath room and said "i said no funny busness with the other boys did i make that clear enough to you" i cried as niall came running into the room and grabbed his hands around my waist and kissed me right infront of harry i smiled i knew he was the one. 

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