(btw i love one direction so this is just for spare time)hi im chloe and i love one direction me and my mate alicia have tickets to see there show when it all gets bad what will happen :( xxx


2. what is going on ??? am i in love xx

     i couldn't believe what is happening right now,i love zayn so much what do i do would you ALICIA P.V.O i am so scared and i dont know what to do how do i go to the concert after that just happened,so we pull up to the to the concert and harry gets out and grabbed my hand and told me "if any one asks you are my friend" i agreed not wanting to get into trouble so we walk in take our seats and enjoy the concert louis keeps looking at me and smiling i dont think he knows about harry and what he said and did to me and chloe so every time he looked at me i looked away at the end i was just about to walk out when a hand grabbed my arm i jumped and shouted"GET OF ME YOU TWAT" as i looked to see who it was i blushed,it was louis i said "sorry louis i didnt know it was you i thought it was......" i stopped my self as i saw harry coming towards me and grabbed my hand louis said"are you two dating or somthing" harry replied with a simple"yes whats it to you" louis looked down sadly i felt gulty(cant spell sorry) I think i love louis he is so sweet unlike harry "you have any funny business with the other boys then there will be trouble" harry said as i looked at louis and started to cry then harry sharply turned me towards him and snogged my face of.i have to admit it was amazing better that any thing i had ever had in a while he is ok i guess but i still like louis dont know came in to see me and harry snogging and she pulled him of me i ran to her he grinned and i said"why are you grinning at me" he grabbed me told chloe to stay and get awkward or go and be happy with zayn i told her to leave i knew what he was doing so she left we watched a movie i got as far away from harry as possible he kept coming closer so i said" i need a drink" he took me down stairs as louis looked at the floor i had to talk to him i went and sat next to him as i snuggled into his chest harry came out he looked like he was going to kill me louis could feel me shivering as harry anger scared me he stood up and shouted "HARRY YOU CANT KEEP HER HERE IF SHE WANTS TO LEAVE LET HER OK LIAM SURLY YOU AGREE WITH ME" liam nodded as i saw chloe grinning coming out of zayns room i ran to her and took her to mine and harrys room she sat on the bed with me as i explained to her what harry was doing to me she ran down stairs pushed harry against the side of the counter and punched him strait in the noise i grabbed her as harry came over to me and whispered in my ear "we are going to have fun tonight so be prepared" as it got later and later i went to sleep in chloes room she was sleeping with zayn but i got inbetween them and they both hugged me and harry came in and said"babe time for bed come on" i pretended to be asleep and he came over tapped me on the sholder and told me to go to his room so i did and i said" im tiered can we go to sleep i will cuddle up to you and you can cuddle me" he whispered back to me "we are going to do more than that" oh god what should i do now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! authors note:should i carry this on or not leave me a comment to tell me what i should do please thanks xxx  




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