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If you're a Percy Jackson fan you would have regonized this right away. Anyways this a story I made. It's about a girl who comes to Camp Half-blood and Percy is shocked at who she is. The seven from the Heros of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this girl are going on a new quest. A love triangle brews between this girl and two others. Will this change how the quest will turn out? Who will return and who will not?

I've also put this story on Wattpad if anyone is interested. My username is lottieismyname so look that up and you'll see it on there. I couldn't put the cover page on for some reason though.


8. Party!


   We just sat there staring at Amanda. She was looking at her hands in her lap not making a sound. "So out of everything you NEVER told us about yourself, you actually tell us this?" I asked. It was true that she never talked about her past or anything. Everyone knew very little about Amanda. Amanda still was looking at her hands when she replied. "This isn't exactly something you just tell people." 

     "How do we know you're not lying?" Leo questioned even though I was sure he knew that she was telling the truth. Amanda pulled a backpack and opened it up. She pulled a piece of paper out of it and handed it to us. I grabbed it and opened it up. It was a missing person flyer. "Is this what you grabbed off that pole back in New York?" I asked. Amanda nodded but didn't say anything. Leo leaned over to look at the flyer. In big bold letters at the top were 'MISSING PEOPLE'. I looked down and saw three pictures. One was of a woman with long dark brown hair and green eyes. The other was of a man with short cut black hair with brown eyes. They both looked regal and kind. 

     The picture that caught my eyes was the one of Amanda. She was staring right into the camera with a kind smile and pure happiness in her eyes. Her black hair was put to the side so you could see her better. The same necklace Amanda had when she came to Camp Half-Blood was clasped on her neck. At the bottom of the pictures, were some text. It was talking about contact information and the reward money for any information. "Two. Million. Dollars?!?!" Leo nearly shrieked. Amanda nodded and then pushed a button on the table. The bodyguard named August came in and stood in front of Amanda.

     She said something to him and he nodded. August left then Amanda layed down on the couch. She closed her eyes and just fell asleep. I looked over at Leo but he was still looking at the flyer. "I'm convinced Jason. I mean just look! Lillian, Mark, and Amanda Nicholson- Royal Family of Kingdom in Europe gone missing!" Leo whisper-yelled. "Yeah I know. But a princess? That doesn't seem like Amanda" I whispered. "Never judge a book by its cover" Leo mumbled. I sighed and leaned back into the couch


     Someone was shaking me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Leo's worried face in front of me. "What's wrong Leo?" I asked while yawning. He moved away giving  me a view of Amanda. She was surrounded by August and the flight attendents who all had worried expressions. What's going on? I moved closer to see that Amanda's eyes were closed but her fist was clenched so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. I knelt down to her and started to put my hand on her shoulder. "Dont!" One of the flight attendents exclaimed.

     My hand froze as I turned to her. Leo lifted up his shirt to reveal a fresh looking bruise. I nodded and picked up a glass of water. I stood back and motioned for everyone to do the same before throwing the water on Amanda. She shot up quickly, gasping. Amanda looked around and her eyes caught mine. 'Did you just throw water at me?' she mouthed. I nodded and tightened my grip on the glass. We stared at each other for a while before a voice came from the speakers. 

     "We will be landing in Altaria Kingdom in 10 minutes. Please stay seated until we completely land." the pilot announced. I sat down on the couch next to Leo who was holding an ice pack to his stomach. Amanda sat up rubbing her eyes while August and the attendents went to their cabins and fasten themselves in. I sat back and waited for us to land.


   Something cold hit my body and I woke up with a start. I slowly unclenched my hand and saw fingernail marks in my palm. I looked up and saw August, the flight attendents, and Jason with a glass in his hand. 'Did you just throw water at me?' I mouthed to him. Jason slowly nodded and I could see him tighten his grip on the glass. I was wondering why when the pilot announced that we would be landing soon. I looked over and saw Leo holding an ice pack to his stomach. I decided to ask him later but all that was on my mind right now was my dream.

     There was loud music and someone was singing but the lyrics. They sounded really weird and not like anything I've ever hear. I was dancing with a boy with blonde hair. It was all fuzzy though so I couldn't make out his face. I know I was having a good time but then something happened. I left the blonde haired boy when I started feeling dizzy. I fell down and into a dark pit. A pit that I knew all to well from when I was younger. The big doors appeared in my sights once again. They still had the small crack that I managed to push open. My body automatically started going towards the door. Before I was able to push the doors open, I felt something wet hit my body. That was when I woke up to see everyone on the plane.

     The plane finally landed by the time I finished thinking to myself. I turned to look out the window and saw the familiar land. Once the plane completely stopped and we were allowed to get off, we all stood up and exited. August handed me a pair of sunglasses, a sweater, and a beanie. I put it on, fixing the beanie on my head. Through my sunglasses I could see August giving Leo and Jason disguises similar to mine.

     Jason came up to me and gave me a questioning look as he put the sweater on. "Why are we wearing this?" "It's because I asked August if he could keep my arrival a secret." I whispered. He nodded and put the beanie on then the sunglasses. Once everything was cleared, we went out of the airport through a door that only royal family is allowed to use, while making sure no one was following. There was a sleek, black car waiting outside the exit. We climbed in and the car drove off. It wasn't the royal car so no one would know that I was coming back. "Leo what happened to your stomach?" I asked.

     He looked over at Jason and then back to me. "You punched me in your sleep" Leo explained. I tilted my head. A burst of realization went through me. "Sorry. I do that when something bad happens in my dream. I get a tad violent" I said. "So that's a regular thing?" Jason asked. I nodded and looked out the window. There were people walking up and down the streets of Altaria. They were smiling at each other and laughing. I'm glad that much hasn't changed since I left. "Amanda how did you become a princess here?" Jason asked.

     "The queen couldn't have any more children after her first born so she and the king decided to adopt a child. She told me that something attracted her to New York where I was. I was in that orphanage for 12 years before she came and adopted me" I explained. He and Leo nodded as I talked. "Your Highness, we are entering the gates to the castle" August said from the front seat. I nodded and adjusted my beanie. The car came to a stop. August got out and opened the door for me. I bowed my head and got out. The castle loomed over me. I turned back to Jason and Leo who were staring in amazement.

     "Come on guys!" I yelled as I walked into the castle. They quickly followed after me as I opened the doors. I smiled as I saw the castle maids and my favorite bulter standing in a line, waiting. "Your Highness!" Luke cried out. Luke Genova is my personal butler but I think he is more of a friend than anything. He came up and bowed. He stood up straight and I could see tears in his eyes. "Don't cry Luke. I'm back now" I said softly. He nodded and wiped the tears. The thing about Luke is that he is a really amazing butler and he's only 22. He was taken away from his family at only age 5 and that made me angry but he's now a part of my family. 

     "Is Alessio here?" I asked looking around. "No your Highness. He is currently on his way to a celebration being held at Nobel Michael castle" Luke told me. I nodded and turned to him. "When does the celebration start?" I questioned. "In three hours, your Highness. His Highness Prince Alessio requestioned to go there in order to help with the preperations" Luke said. "Do you think that I can get ready and there on time?" "Yes your Highness. Are these two going to accompany you?" Luke asked referring to Jason and Leo who were staring at us. I nodded and he turned to the castle maids.

     Luke started giving orders to the castle maids. Two of them led Jason and Leo to a room. I was led to my room. I opened the door and was met with my large room. There was a large bed on one side of the room, a couch and large tv on the other side, a large closet next to the bed, in the middle of the room against the wall was a vanity, and a door leading to the bathroom. I went over to the closet and opened it. There were dresses of all colors and designs hung in it. 

     I looked around until I found the perfect one. I pulled it out and laid it on the bed. The castle maids immediately started getting out things to go with the dress. While they did that, I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped down and climbed in. I scrubbed my body since I was kind of stinky. I put shampoo in my hair and rubbed it in. I rinsed everything off and turned the shower off. I wrapped a towel around my body before stepping out. I dried off and pulled a robe on my body. After I tightened the belt, I stepped out into my room.

     The castle maids were facing the other way. I looked on my bed to find undergarments, the dress, and acessories. I took off the rove and put the undergarments on. Once I did, the maids turned and started to help me with the dress. When I got it on, they had me sit at the vanity. I closed my eyes as they put little make-up on me. I don't like the feel of make-up so I never really wear any. A tap on my shoulder indicated that they were done so I opened my eyes.

     "It's perfect. Thank you" I said to the maids. They all bowed to me. "It's our honor your Highness" one of them said. I was handed a pair of heels which I slipped on. I slipped on my bracelet from Camp-Half Blood. I stood up and walked over to the door. I opened it to be met with Jason and Leo in tuxes with their backs turned to me. I tapped their shoulders. They turned around and both of their jaws dropped.


     I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. What I saw made my jaw drop. Amanda looked... amazing! She smiled at us while I was still trying to get over how she looked now compared to at camp.


     Someone tapped my shoulder so I turned around. Amanda entered my sight and my jaw dropped. She had on a long, light pink dress with crystals around the neckline, shoulder, and the straps. To go with it she had on silver high heels, little makeup, and her bracelet from camp. Her long black hair, was done in a half up, half down style. "Y-you look amazing Amanda" Leo stuttered. She smiled at him. "Thank's Leo. I must admit that you both look great too" Amanda complimented. I chuckled at that. "These suits feel weird" I said. "It's just because you're not used to them" Amanda said. I nodded in agreement.



     Luke came up when we had finished talking. "Your Highness we have two hours left before the party" Luke told me. I nodded and turned to Jason and Leo. "So we should be leaving in about an hour. I'll show you guys around the castle" I told them. They nodded as I slipped the heels off. I handed them to Luke and he walked off with them. Leo looked at me funny. "What? I didn't want to walk around this castle with high heels on" I argued. He put his hands up in defense. 

     I started walking, feeling the soft carpet under my toes. We walked through the castle and I pointed out what just about each room was. There were some places where even I couldn't go so I wasn't sure what was in there. The hour quickly passed by as we made our way to the entrance of the castle. "So what did you think guys?" I asked turning to Jason and Leo. They were slightly breathing heavily. "This place is huge!" Leo exclaimed. I laughed and nodded. 

     Luke came up to us and bowed. When he straightened up, he handed my heels to me. I slipped them back on and looked towards Luke. "The car is ready your Highness" he said. I smiled and turned to the boys. "Well. Are you guys ready to go to your first royal party?"

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