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If you're a Percy Jackson fan you would have regonized this right away. Anyways this a story I made. It's about a girl who comes to Camp Half-blood and Percy is shocked at who she is. The seven from the Heros of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this girl are going on a new quest. A love triangle brews between this girl and two others. Will this change how the quest will turn out? Who will return and who will not?

I've also put this story on Wattpad if anyone is interested. My username is lottieismyname so look that up and you'll see it on there. I couldn't put the cover page on for some reason though.


13. Lizzy

The maids helped me slip into the beautiful strapless red dress. I thanked them and sat down in front of the vanity. My sister Laura came in once the maids left. "I can't wait for Prince Keith to make the announcement of our marriage!" Laura squealed. I smiled for her but inside I was angry. It was disgusting what they were doing. A marriage used for revenge on Amanda. I hope one of them falls during the ceremony and break a bone. 

I chuckled at the thought. Laura looked at me strange but brushed it off. "Now let me do your makeup" she forced me to sit still as she pulled out the makeup kit. I groaned and Laura shushed me. She applied some eye shadow and mascara that made my blue eyes pop. I left my black hair in its sorta wavy natural state. Laura left to go get ready and I sighed. God Amanda where are you? I thought. She's been missing for two months now. 

A knock echoed through the quiet room. "Come in" I said. The door opened to reveal Prince Alessio. "It's time for the party Lizzy" Alessio softly told me. I nodded and slipped on a pair of silver flats. I put on my necklace that had a sword pendant on it and walked over to Alessio. Alessio held out an arm and I slipped my arm through his. We walked through the corridors of Nobel Michael's Castle. "Hi boys!" I said as we approached the other princes. They turned around and smiled at me. "Hi Lizzy" they said simultaneously.

"You look beautiful" Prince Edward complimented me. "Thank you. You all look amazing" I replied. They all thanked me and Prince Keith suddenly turned to the door. "I'm going to go in early. I have to set up for an announcement" he said turning towards us. He gave me a sarcastic smirk and I flipped him the bird. "Wait out here till the music sounds" Keith said before walking inside. Prince Joshua chuckled. "He's up to something isn't he?" Joshua asked. "Yeah and it's disgusting" I sneered. They all turned to me with curious eyes.

"Tell us" Alessio poked my side, pleading. I giggled and shook my head. "You'll figure out soon enough" I said mysteriously and walked inside, everybody groaning in disappointment behind me. There were plenty of wealthy looking people chatting and laughing with one another. I walked over to Lord Michael who was sitting at a table by himself. 

"Hello Lord Michael" I greeted him. Lord Michael smiled and the wrinkles were visible around his eyes. "Good evening Lizzy. Please sit" he gestured to the chair across from him. I sat down quietly and turned to the crowd. It was silent in the area we were sitting in. Lord Michael broke the silence quickly. 

"Do you miss her?" he asked. I turned to Lord Michael and nodded. " Yes and I'm very worried about her. First it was her, then the Queen and King of Altaria went missing" I sighed. "Soon they will return, safe and sound" Lord Michael assured me. I nodded and music filled the hall. The lights dimmed down then a spotlight shone on Zain at the top of the staircase. He thanked everyone for coming today to celebrate Lord Michael's birthday. I clapped as Lord Michael stood up and smiled to the crowd. He sat down as the applause died down.

Zain gave the microphone to Keith after introducing him. Just about every young girl and grown woman in the hall squealed in excitement. I chuckled to myself. Oh what a surprise they will get. "I have an announcement to make!" Keith announced. After a brief pause of silence he continued. "In a month, I will be marrying Laura Ravine!" He said into the microphone.

I almost laughed at how quiet the girls became. My annoying sister strutted up to Keith and smirked at all the shocked faces. One person started to clap and everyone else finally started clapping with them. I heard glass break and turned to look at my hand.The remains of my glass lay shattered on the table. I didn't make any eye contact as I cleaned it up into a napkin. Some of the glass punctured my skin and I winced at the pain.

Lord Michael looked at me with worried eyes. "Are you OK Lizzy?" he asked. I nodded and wrapped up the napkin. I placed it on the table and stood up. "I'm not feeling so good anymore. I think I should rest" I said weakly. Lord Michael shook his head and motioned for Zain to come over.

"Zain, please escort Lizzy to a guest bedroom and provide her with night clothes" Lord Michael told him. Zain nodded and led me out of the loud hall. We walked together in silence down the halls. Zain opened a door and led me inside. It was nice and simple. A bed and dresser sat in the corner. A vanity was placed next to the door. There was a door leading to a bathroom and another was leading to a balcony.

"Please sit. There will be castle maids here in just a few minutes to give you new clothes and help you out of your dress" Zain explained to me. I nodded and sat down on the soft bed. I laid back and let out a sigh. The door closed and I climbed under the covers. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


My eyes darted open as I gasped. I slowly sat up in the bed with sweat dripping down my forehead. That dream was... intense. I looked over at the clock on the dresser to see that it read 12:00. I flicked on the light that was lying next to the clock. The light illuminated the quiet room.

I took a deep breath and calmed down. I closed my eyes but quickly opened them again. That thing appeared and had me gasping for air. It was ugly and wrinkled whatever it was. I looked over and saw clothes placed on a chair. I stood up and walked over to the chair and grabbed the clothes. I went over to the bathroom door and opened it. Lights flickered inside to reveal a large bathroom.

I put the night clothes on the counter and turned on the shower. As I waited for the water to heat up, I stripped down. I checked to see if the water was warm and stepped in. I sighed once the water hit my skin but winced in pain. The glass was still in my hand. I plucked it out and let it fall to the ground. Once I finished, I grabbed the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner that were place on the side of the shower. I washed my hair and rinsed it all out. I quickly washed my body and turned the shower off.

I reached out and grabbed a towel that was hanging on the wall. I wrapped in around myself and stepped onto the cold tile. My long black hair swung behind me as I walked over to the counter. I dried off and pulled on my underwear first. I turned on the hair dryer that was lying on the counter. I quickly dried my hair off and pulled on the pajamas. The shirt was a silky white v-neck and had silky dark blue pants to go with. I picked up the dress and turned of the light before walking out of the bathroom.

I softly folded the dress and placed it on the bed. The clock showed me that it was almost one in the morning. I looked around the room and found my brown satchel lying at the foot of the bed. I opened the satchel and pulled out my slippers. I put them on and decided to bandage up my hand. I slowly opened my door to be met with silence. I sighed in relief then stepped out the room. After quietly closing the door, I walked down the halls to the medicine room. No one was there so I walked in and closed the door. I turned the lights on but kept quiet. I turned the water on in the big sink. I put my hand under and rinsed out all the cuts.

I sat down at a desk in the room. I carefully started to bandage my hand with some gauze. I heard the door open with a creak. I turned around and my eyes widened in shock.

"Amanda?" I whispered. There stood my best friend, staring right back at me. "Lizzy?" She asked in surprise. "Wilfred told me you were in the castle but I just wasn't sure where" Amanda told me before engulfing me in a hug. I hugged her back tightly and let go. "When did you come back? Where were you? Are you okay?" I fired question after question while Amanda laughed at me.

"C'mon girl one question at a time" she laughed out. I lightly punched her arm but flinched. I used my bandaged hand to punch her. She looked down at my hand in shock. "What happened?" She questioned. "Oh I just broke a glass in my hand. No big deal" I shrugged. Amanda sniggered before sitting down on the desk. "Always the same old Lizzy. Tough and awesome" she said. I chuckled and noticed something.

"Where'd you get that charm bracelet?" I asked. Amanda looked down at her charm bracelet and frowned. "I got it from my father" she whispered. "His majesty gave that to you?" I questioned. It was confusing because the king of Altaria wouldn't be the type to give a present like that. Amanda cleared her throat before speaking again. "No. My real father gave this to me" her voice cracked a bit.

"Y-you met your real father?!" I exclaimed. Amanda shushed me and smiled. "No I haven't met him yet but hopefully I will soon. I found my brother in New York and my father somehow got this to me" she explained.

"You have a brother?" I asked. Gosh I'm asking so many questions. Amanda nodded and smiled. "He's amazing. He looks like me too. Maybe you could meet him someday" Amanda told me. I smiled back and yawned. Amanda jumped off the table then walked over to me. She threw her arm over my shoulders and we walked out the room after flicking off the light.

We walked through the hall together when someone passed by us. "Ms. Ravine and Ms. Nicholson. What are you two doing in the halls this late?" The person questioned. We turned and saw Zain looking at us curiously. Amanda chuckled nervously and scratched the back of her head. "Just had a midnight stroll. Needed to get my mind off things" Amanda stated. Zain nodded and turned to me. "And you, Ms. Ravine?" He asked. I held up my bandaged hand for Zain to see. "Just fixing up my hand. The glass got me good but it's okay now" I explained. Zain nodded and gestured down the hall. "Well please go back to your rooms. There will be a press conference held here tomorrow so I advise you get lots of sleep.

We nodded and parted ways. "Conference?" Amanda whispered. "Probably about my sister and Keith's engagement" I muttered but quickly closed my mouth. Amanda froze for a brief second but continued to walk by me. "Sorry I said that. I know how you feel about him" I apologized. She just shrugged in response. We stopped at my bedroom door and stood there. Amanda hugged me again and opened the door. I walked in and turned around. Amanda waved and smiled at me. "See you tomorrow at breakfast" she said. I nodded and smiled back at her. Amanda turned around and walked down the halls, hugging her body. I sighed and closed the door. I walked over and flopped on the bed. I flicked the slippers off my feet then watched as they flew across the room. I turned off the lamp next to the bed and burrowed in the duvet. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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