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If you're a Percy Jackson fan you would have regonized this right away. Anyways this a story I made. It's about a girl who comes to Camp Half-blood and Percy is shocked at who she is. The seven from the Heros of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this girl are going on a new quest. A love triangle brews between this girl and two others. Will this change how the quest will turn out? Who will return and who will not?

I've also put this story on Wattpad if anyone is interested. My username is lottieismyname so look that up and you'll see it on there. I couldn't put the cover page on for some reason though.


11. Introductions and Surprises (Amanda)

     I reajusted the tiara on my head. Taking a deep breath I climbed out the limo, and accepted the hand held in front of me. The back of Nobel Michael Castle loomed over us. I held onto the hand of my butler Luke as he escorted me inside. I turned around to see Jason and Leo following us inside. We walked to the main hallway and I stoppepd in my tracks. Only five of the princes were standing around and talking with each other. I took a deep breath and walked towards them.

    "Alessio?" I asked tapping his shoulder. He turned around and his soft brown eyes widened in shock. "A-Amanda?" Alessio stuttered. I nodded and laughed as he pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. "It's you, it's really Amanda! My little sister is back!" he yelled. I felt my body being transfered into a new tight grip.

     "Amanda I was so worried," the voice whispered. I took up to see the blue-violet eyes and silver hair of the one and only Prince Edward. He placed a lingering kiss on my cheek. I could see the tears of joy threating to spill out his eyes. "It's okay Ed. I'm back now safe and sound" I whispered back to him. I pulled away from his grip and turned to look at the other three princes. Prince Joshua was looking anywhere but at me, but Prince Glenn and Prince Wilfred were staring straight at me. I wrapped my arms around their shoulders.

     Glenn, being the stubborn boy he is, moved away. I wasn't upset. He was just always like this. Wilfred whispered in his cool voice. "Meet me in the garden at midnight" he whispered before pecking my cheek and moving away. I nodded and looked around. "Where's Keith?" I asked to no one in particular. "He's inside. He wanted to go in before we did. Something about setting up for an announcement" Edward told me. I nodded before a thought popped in my head.

    "Oh! Jason, Leo come here" I instructed. They awkwardly walked over and stood beside me. "Alessio, Edward, Joshua, Glenn, and Wilfred. Meet my two friends Jason Grace and Leo Valdez. Jason and Leo meet Alessio Nicholson of Altaria Kingdom, Edward Levaincois of Charles Kingdom, Joshua Lieben of Dres Van Kingdom, Glenn J. Casiraghi of Oriens Kingdom, and Wilfred Spencer of Phillip Kingdom" I took a deep breath after saying all that.

    Alessio laughed at me before formally greeting Jason and Leo. The other princes did the same before music erupted in the castle. "Do you think the ball is starting now?" Wilfred wondered. We all shrugged and went inside the grand hall. There were masses of people dressed in elegant clothing. The lights were dimmed and a spotlight shone on top of the staircase. Nobel Michael's butler, Zain, was standing at the top with a microphone in his hand. "Thank you all for coming out to celebrate Nobel Michael's 89th birthday today," Zain said as a round of applause erupted in the hall. 

    I looked over the shoulders of the crowd and saw Nobel Michael stand up and smile. I turned my attention back up to the staircase. "Now, I would like to hand the microphone over to His Royal Highness, Prince Keith Alford of Liberty Kingdom!" Zain announced before giving the microphone to someone. All the girls in the hall squealed in excitement. I mentally groaned to myself. Keith appeared at the top of the hall and the squeals just got louder. I reached out and grabbed a hand. He turned his attention to me, brown eyes slightly worried and confused. "I don't like when these girls scream especially over a prince" I told him.

     He just grinned and draped an arm over my shoulder. "Don't worry princess Amanda. Your knight in shining armor, Leo Valdez will protect you" Leo said all high and mighty like. I just laughed and turned my head to look at the stairs. "I have an announcement to make!" Keith announced. After a brief pause of silence he continued. "In a month, I will be marrying Laura Ravine!" He said into the microphone. There was a silence as the girls in the room stared in shock. Laura walked up there with a small smirk, her blonde hair swaying behind her.

Eventually someone started clapping causing the whole hall to turn into an uproar. It was all faint to me though. The world just seemed to slip away from me as I fell back. I could hear shouting as I fell into someone's arms but it was all muffled. "L-Leo" I whispered before darkness consumed me.


     As I opened my eyes, a unfamiliar ceiling appeared before me. I sat up quickly only to be met with a gentle hand pushing me back down. "Please lie back down Your Highness." I turned to see Luke standing there smiling at me. I blinked a few times to get rid of the black dots dancing in my eyes. "Where are the others? Where are we?" I asked. "A guest room at Nobel Michael Castle. He lent to us when you collapsed" Luke told me. I nodded and my throat suddenly felt dry as I remembered. "Luke can you please fetch me some water?" I croaked out. He nodded and swiftly walked out the room, closing the door quietly. 

     Once Luke was gone, I sat up again just slower. I propped up against the bed frame and pulled the covers up my waist. My head spun as a knock filled the silent room.

     "Come in" I talked as loud as I could but my throat killed. Luke emerged with a glass and a pitcher. He poured a glass and handed it to me. I drank it all quickly, my throat feeling better. "Thank you Luke" I smiled. Luke bowed and smiled back at me. "My pleasure, Your Highness. If you could please excuse me" he asked. I nodded and Luke left the room. 

    I looked around the room and spotted a clock on the nightstand. It read 11:45. I gasped and got up from the bed. Wilfred! I looked around the room until I spotted something by the door. I crouched down next to it and looked at it. It was a denim backpack with a flower charm hanging from it. I smiled and opened it up. 

    This was my backpack I used to put extra clothes in. I rummaged through it until I found another outfit. I pulled it out and went to the bathroom. I took a 5 minute shower which was the quickest I have ever taken a shower. I dried off and put the outfit on. It was a tee with a quote on it, bleached denim skinny jeans, a black and white jacket, boots, a black beanie, and a simple silver ring with believe engraved on it.

    I left my hair down and checked the time. It was 5 minutes till midnight. I opened my door and stepped outside. I quietly closed the door and ran towards the garden. "Wil?" I whispered. I looked around trying to find him. I saw a tuff of golden hair hidden by a bench. I crept over there to see Wilfred curled up on the bench sleeping soundly. I chuckled at him.

    "Wake up Wilfred" I shook him and keeping my voice low. He opened his eyes and stared at me for a second. "You're okay now?" Wilfred asked, his voice raspy. I nodded and stood up. He stood up and held his hand out. I tightly grasped it as I was pulled along. I knew where we were going so I didn't bother to ask. 

    I climbed into his black Audi and buckled up. Wilfred buckled up his seat belt and turned the car on. Soft music filled the car as we drove. It was dark outside with the exception of a few street lights. My stomach grumbled loudly and I blushed. Wilfred started laughing loudly and had to pull over because he was laughing so hard. "Shut up! I haven't eaten much all day" I protested. "Well then I guess it's a good thing I brought food" Wilfred finally calmed down and continued to drive.

     We arrived at the small park and got out when the car stopped. Wilfred went around to the trunk and pulled out a picnic basket. We sat down in our usual spot and started pulling things out the basket. For a prince and a princess, we like to do normal things. Most people think we are stuck up and don't care about others but that's just what they think. They don't know the truth about us.

   "Amanda." I turned to look at Wilfred and he was staring at me with a serious look in his crystal blue eyes. I put the sandwich I was holding down and sat up straight. "Did you faint because....? Well you know" Wilfred asked. I sighed and nodded. "Yes Wil. I fainted in shock because of the news" I replied, not looking at him. "So it's true then" he said quietly. 

    I looked back at him and I had a small smile on my face. "Yep. I'm still in love with Prince Keith"

    Wilfred smiled at me and tightly gripped my hand. "Why don't you tell him?" he questioned. That was a great question. "I'm afraid" I whispered. "That he won't feel the same?" I shook my head. "No. I'm afraid that what happened last time will happen again"

     Wilfred just gave me a reassuring smile and continued to eat. My stomach grumbled again so I continued to eat with him. We finished pretty quickly, due to the fact that I nearly ate it all. We packed up and climbed back in the car.

    "Want to know something?" Wilfred asked me, slightly taking his eyes off the road. "Sure, shoot" I said. "Your best friend is staying with Nobel Michael right now" he replied calmy. "WHAT!" I yelled. The car slightly swerved as Wilfred tried to steady it. "Calm down jeez. She's staying in one of the guest rooms at Nobel's castle" he chuckled at me.

    I was so happy. After two months I finally get to see her again! We arrived back at Nobel Michael Castle and Wilfred parked the car. I was so excited that I ran to the door. I quietly opened it since it was around one in the morning. I felt a hand on my waist and looked over my shoulder to see Wilfred smiling at me. "I'm going to bed. I'm only a few doors down your room if you need me" he told me. I nodded and hugged him. 

     I walked through the castle and passed by a room illuminated with light. I stopped and peered through a crack in the door. A back was turned to me as the person was hunched over a desk. It was a girl. I slightly opened the door as it creaked. The person turned around and I gasped.

"Amanda?" the girl asked her eyes widening.

"Lizzy?" I asked staring at my best friend.


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