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If you're a Percy Jackson fan you would have regonized this right away. Anyways this a story I made. It's about a girl who comes to Camp Half-blood and Percy is shocked at who she is. The seven from the Heros of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this girl are going on a new quest. A love triangle brews between this girl and two others. Will this change how the quest will turn out? Who will return and who will not?

I've also put this story on Wattpad if anyone is interested. My username is lottieismyname so look that up and you'll see it on there. I couldn't put the cover page on for some reason though.


4. First night at camp


Daughter of Poseidon. Right. Everybody was speechless as they stared at me. The guy who looks like me, looked pretty angry. He got up and stormed over to the cabins. A girl with blonde hair chased after him in a hurry. "Chiron why is everyone so surprised?" I whispered. "Because they believe Percy Jackson was an only child for many years. He was the only child of Poseidon up until now." he whispered back. "Percy... he sounds familiar." I said while everyone seemed to come back to their senses.

"That's amazing" "Percy must be so upset" "Yeah did you see the way he stormed off? Hopefully Annabeth can calm him down." Whispers like this were said all throughout the crowd. "Hello. My name is Jason Grace. I'm the son of Zeus." the guy with blonde hair from earlier said. "Amanda. Amanda Nicholson." I replied while looking towards the direction of the cabins. So the guy's name was Percy Jackson. "Nicholson? Who's your mother then?" Jason asked. I looked down and decided if I should tell or not.

"I don't know who my mother is. I'm adopted so I have a different family."

"Sorry I didn't mean to offend you in any way" Jason said while looking a bit guilty. "It's nothing. I'm used to it anyways." I replied while giving him a small smile. All I knew is that no one could figure out who my adoption parents are. I don't want anyone to treat me differently. "Well we should start Capture the Flag. Can someone go check on Percy and Annabeth to see if they will participate?" Chiron asked

"Can I go? I'd like to talk to Percy." I volunteered. Chiron sent me a kind smile before looking in the crowd. "Nico. Would you please show Amanda to Poseidon's cabin?" Chiron asked. The crowd parted and a guy stepped forward. He had olive skin, shaggy black hair, deep brown eyes, all black clothes on, and a skull ring. The boy nodded before gesturing to me. "Come on" Was all he said before walking off. "Nico di Angelo is a child of Hades. If he doesn't talk to you,don't sweat it, he's shy." Jason whispered to me as I passed him. I nodded before hurrying after Nico.

I walked beside Nico while wrapping my thin jacket around my body.  For some reason, it felt really cold being around him. After a really long uncomfortable silence Nico spoke. "You were adopted?" I looked at him in surprise. "Um yeah. When I was twelve, a family came and adopted me." I replied. "Twelve... That was around the time Percy got to this camp" Nico said. I thought about this in my head. Maybe Posiedon did this for a reason or maybe it was pure coincidence. It fell into silence once again and we continued to walk. A huge cabin appeared before me. It was decorated with shells and other things from the ocean. I could smell seawater like it was radiating from the cabin. Nico stepped up and knocked on the door. A few seconds later the door opened and the blonde girl who followed Percy stared at us. Her stormy gray eyes were piercing into me.

"Um, Chiron wanted to know if you were to participate in Capture the Flag" I said in my most polite voice. She turned her head to look behind her and turned back to us. "No. I need to talk with Percy so please go." She said a little rudely. "Annabeth, that's kind of rude." Nico voiced what I was thinking. "Sorry. Percy is just really upset right now. I'm Annabeth Chase, Percy's girlfriend" Annabeth said while putting her hand out. I lightly shook it and gave her a small smile. "Amanda Nicholson. It's nice to meet you." I said while Nico watched us. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "So is Percy coming to the games?" The person in question stepped out the cabin. His eyes traveled over all of us before settling on me. We stared at each other for a while before he cleared his throat.

"Annabeth, Nico can you guys go to the games? I'd like to talk with her." Percy said while gesturing to me. Annabeth blinked in surprise and whispered something in Percy's ear. He looked at her and nodded. I turned around and gently placed my hand on Nico's arm. "Thank you for coming with me" I whispered. "No problem" Nico whispered back before casually moving his arm away. I saw the tips of his ears go red as he turned around and started walking away. Annabeth followed after him and I turned to Percy. He was staring at me and looked in the direction of Nico. "Come in." Was all Percy said before walking into the cabin. I quietly followed after him and closed the cabin door.


Percy's P.O.V

I sat down on one of the bunks in the cabin. Amanda stood there looking shy. "You can sit down you know" I urged. She smiled slightly before sitting on the bunk across from me. Amanda looked around the cabin and whispered. "This is amazing. Do you live here alone?" she asked while focusing on me. "Yeah. My half-brother is living with Poseidon in his palace underwater." "Half-brother?" Amanda asked while slightly tilting her head to the side. "Yeah. His name is Tyson and he's a Cyclops" I said while trying to sound as normal as possible. 

Amanda's eyes widened. "Oh" she squeaked. "Don't worry, if you ever meet him you'll be okay. But he does hug alot" I warned. Amanda slightly giggled and her hair fell into her eyes. She pushed it to the side before taking a deep breath. "Percy... I know that this is a surprise to you. It's a surprise to me too but do you think we could act like normal siblings?" Amanda asked while sitting up straight. That took me by surprise and I thought about it. "We are brother and sister after all so yeah. But let's learn about each other first." I said. Amanda smiled, put her legs on the bed, and crossed them.

"I prefer if you go first" Amanda said while tilting her head again. "Okay but quick question. Do you always tilt your head like that?" I asked while laughing. She joined in and smiled. "No. I always do it when I'm curious and interested in something" she replied. "That makes sense. Anyways so.." I started. I told Amanda everything about me from when I first came to Camp Half-Blood up until now. She listened to me without making any comments except when I told her about the battles, she would look worried or sad. "What's your mother like?" Amanda questioned.

I thought about this. "Maybe I could show you" I said. Amanda looked confused as I pulled out a golden drachma out my pocket. There was a fountain in the cabin that Tyson made. I threw the drachma into the mist where a rainbow was. "O' Goddess Isis, show me Sally Jackson" I said. I turned my head and saw Amanda standing behind me staring at the mist. My mom showed up in the mist. She noticed me and smiled. "Percy!" My mom exclaimed. "Hey mom. There's someone here who wanted to see you." I said while turning so Amanda could see. "Hello. My name is Amanda." Amanda said while slightly smiling.

My mom smiled and replied. "I'm Sally Jackson. Are you new to that camp?" she questioned. "Yes. Percy and other people have been very kind to me." Amanda said while glancing at me.  A question popped into my mind. "Hey mom, do you know who Amanda is?" I asked. Amanda turned to me with wide eyes. "Well she does look sort of familiar. Who is she?" my mom asked. "She's a daughter of-" I started but was cut off. "Mrs. Jackson, I'm terribly sorry but we have to go now!" Amanda exclaimed while swiping her hand through the mist. Amanda got up and walked towards the door. "What was that?" I asked because I was clearly confused. Amanda turned to look at me and there was something in her eyes I didn't understand. "Nothing. Let's go see the games, I told Chiron I wanted to watch." Was all Amanda said before rushing out the door.

That was weird. I still never learned anything about Amanda but I raced after her anyways.

Amanda's P.O.V

I knew Percy's mom would recognize me so I cut off their call. Keeping my parent's identity would be hard. I raced to the woods and stopped next to a tree. A horn was blared and loud screams ran through the air. What is that? I thought when an arrow sailed past me. I turned around in surprise to see half the camp running towards me. Don't tell me that THIS is capture the flag?? 

I turned to the tree and climbed up it in a hurry. Many kids in armor were fighting with actual weapons. I looked down the tree and saw someone climbing on it. They had a bow and arrows strapped to their back. I looked around and saw a vine in front of me that led to another tree. I grabbed the vine and swung to the other tree. The kid who was climbing the tree looked at me in surprise. Why does he look familiar? 

I didn't think too hard about it as I looked for a way out of this. I saw something glinting in the tree across from me. There was another vine that led to that tree. You would think that Tarzan lived here or something. I grabbed that vine and swung to the tree while landing safely on the branch. The thing glinting was a charm bracelet. Why is there a bracelet in a tree? I picked it up and saw that one of the charms was a trident. It was obviously made by Poseidon. I looked at the tree and saw a piece of paper there. I picked it up and read it aloud. "Pick one of the charms and take it off." I read. I put the bracelet on my left arm and picked out a sword charm. I took the charm off and it grew into a full out sword. My eyes widened as I turned the sword around. On the side at the bottom there was a trident symbol. I passed my finger over it and it glowed.

This camp is full of weird surprises. The whole Capture the Flag war was going on a little distance away from my tree. I climbed down the tree with the sword in hand. Making sure no one noticed me, I ran not really knowing where I was going. I felt someone collide with me and I fell. Groaning, I got up and looked at the person who collided with me. She was rubbing her head. "I am so sorry! Are you okay?" I asked while rushing to her. Upon closer inspection, I recognized her as the girl who was with Jason earlier. She looked at me in surprise. "Why are you in the games?" She asked clearly confused. "Didn't mean to come. I was looking for Chiron when-" I was cut off. Someone was running towards us with a sword in their hand.

I looked at the girl who was still on the ground and realized they were running towards her. The person raised their sword so I rolled forward and our swords collided. The person looked at me with shock but soon recovered. They tried to throw my sword out my hand but instead I knocked their sword to the ground. The person looked angry as they came towards me. I kicked them in their chest and the person fell. I put the tip of my sword to their neck and put my knee on their chest to prevent them from getting up. "Wow! I've never seen anybody beat Clarisse before!" The girl on the ground exclaimed. I looked at the girl. "What's your name?" I asked. "Piper Mclean. And you just took down Clarisse, leader of Ares cabin." Piper said. I looked at the person I just fought. I got up and held out a hand. The person looked hesitant but grabbed my hand and pulled their self-up. 

They took off their helmet and sure enough it was a girl. "You've got skills. I'm Clarisse" Clarisse said while hold out her hand. I shook her hand before helping Piper up. "I'm Amanda Nicholson. Nice to meet you both" I replied. A horn was blown and a loud commotion came towards us. I looked at my sword and put it near the charm bracelet. It turned back into a charm and I clipped it onto the bracelet. Chiron was the first to be there. "Amanda! Are you okay?" Chiron asked with a worried expression as he came towards me.

"I'm perfectly fine. Piper are you okay?" I asked mostly because it was my fault she fell. She smiled at me and nodded. Clarisse picked up her sword and sheathed it.  "This girl is impressive. She can really fight" Clarisse said while clapping my shoulder. I gave a small smile as everybody else came forward. Percy ran forward and grabbed my shoulders. "Are you okay?!" he exclaimed while looking at me. "I'm fine Percy." I assured him. He let out a sigh of relief. "I'm glad." "Piper are you okay?" somebody said. I turned to see Jason hugging Piper. "I'm fine Jason. Amanda helped me out." Piper said while grinning at me. I returned her grin as a commotion went through the crowd. The same guy who had the bow and arrows stepped forward with a flag in his hand. 

I stepped back and my hand drifted towards the charm bracelet. Piper came forward and softly grabbed my arm. She gave me a reassuring smile before turning to the guy. "Who got the flag, Frank?" she asked the guy. "Hazel did" Frank said while stepping aside. A round of applause went through the crowd as a girl stepped forward. I let out a small yawn and Chiron noticed. "I believe it is time for everyone to return to your cabins." Chiron announced. Everyone turned to the cabins and started walking. I walked along and a guy with curly hair came up to me. He was a little taller than me so he was about 5'6. "So, you're Amanda?" He questioned. "Yes and you are?" I asked. "Leo Valdez at your service. Son of Hephaestus." Leo said while giving a slight bow. I giggled and he smiled. We talked about things when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and saw Nico standing in the shadows staring at me. I gave him a small wave and smile. He returned the wave before walking away.

I got back to the Poseidon cabin and laid down one of the beds. Percy came in and fell onto the bed next to me. "Today was exciting for your first day huh?" Percy asked. "Yes it was. I'm exhausted." I said. "Me too..." Percy said trailing off. I looked over and saw him peacefully sleeping. I tried to sleep but couldn't. I felt like going near the ocean so I took my shoes off and quietly stepped out the cabin. I walked in the direction of the ocean and saw it. There was a good enough size place of grass next to the beach.

I laid down there and listened to the waves lapping on the shore. It was very peaceful and I soon fell asleep with the charm bracelet still on my arm.



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