hotel 1D

jenna has a tough life. her mother passed away 3 years ago. now all she has is her father and a 20 year old brother. her and her father work at a hotel. jenna thought it would be boring going there everyday. but one day she met the guy of her dreams.
now life wont be as boring at the hotel for jenna. or will there be a twist in her life? will it work out for her and will she be free or get blocked up? read to find out!


5. just her

niall's POV:

i took the keys from her and headed into the apartment. it was very big with a jacuzzi in all of the bathrooms. after we unpacked i told the boys that we needed to talk. "what is it niall?" said liam. "well i just wanted to say that i get first dibs on jenna, is ok guys?" i said looking to the ground rubbing my neck. i never called first dibs on any girls on harry and zayn and lou. (they r all single no hate for elenour, perrie, and daniell!). "ok no prob and i see niall is still on the hunt for his princess, hmmmm??" zayn said elbowing me on the arm. "umm, i....uhhh.....ehhhhh..." i said. i never did this but i only do it when im nervous. "ok then thats a yes" louis said giving me a hug with my arms pinned down squeezing me. he did this for like 2 minutes in silence. 'uhh this is getting awkward niall, u mind hugging back or something?" louis said. "well your pinning my arms down lou." i said. "oh sorry" louis said as he quickly let go of me. after a while we decided to watch a movie. "I WANNA WATCH TOY STORY!!!!!" liam yelled. he said jumping all around. " ok ok chill dude' zayn said. so we put in toy story and watched it. halfway through the move i noticed that harry did not say a word since i called first dibs on jenna. somethings up with that dude, and im going to find out what it is.


A/N sorry for the short chapter i will write more next time! promise!








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