hotel 1D

jenna has a tough life. her mother passed away 3 years ago. now all she has is her father and a 20 year old brother. her and her father work at a hotel. jenna thought it would be boring going there everyday. but one day she met the guy of her dreams.
now life wont be as boring at the hotel for jenna. or will there be a twist in her life? will it work out for her and will she be free or get blocked up? read to find out!


1. day of BORING

Jenna POV:

I woke up with the sun beating down on me. i looked at my door and i noticed that no one is awake. then i looked at the time, 6;45. i thought i might as well make myself look a little decent so i put my hair in a messy bun and headed downstairs. at the 3rd bottom step i stopped. there on the wall a picture of my mom. mom died when i was 14. she had the most beautiful smile in the world. dad always tells me that when i smile it reminds him of her. i continued walking down the stairs when i heard something in the kitchen. as i peeked my head past the wall whatever it was turned around quickly. i stopped moving. it picked up a bag of bread and threw it at me. 'OWCH!?!?!?!?!' i said. oh sorry said my annoying older brother jake. 


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