hotel 1D

jenna has a tough life. her mother passed away 3 years ago. now all she has is her father and a 20 year old brother. her and her father work at a hotel. jenna thought it would be boring going there everyday. but one day she met the guy of her dreams.
now life wont be as boring at the hotel for jenna. or will there be a twist in her life? will it work out for her and will she be free or get blocked up? read to find out!


6. awkward momens

harry POV:

i cant believe i! i cant believe he just did that! niall called first dibs?!?!?! he knows that only me, lou, and zayn call first dibs on a girl, since when does he want to? he is older than me but seriously he is like a little brother to me! ok i know im not suppose to be saying this crap about him and feel happy for him but seriously???? i snapped out of my thoughts when zayn said niall is looking for his princess. then niall was STUTTERING! he only does that when hes nervous. well me and him want jenna but i want her more than anything! the way her hair flows down her shoulder, th way those beautiful eyes stare at you. i know i did not make a 'good' first impression but i think the old harry charm can make her like me. it has to work! we decided to watch a movie after that. i noticed that niall was looking at me from the coner of his eye, he new something was up but i did not want him to know that i like jenna because the rules are when you call dibs on a girl yu cant flirt with her or anything, i hated that rule because zayn would always call first dibs on any brown haired girl. and those were the types of girs that i liked! ugh ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


Zayn  POV:

you know im actually happy for lil nialler he is finally going to find his little princess but also jenna is hot, like REALLY HOT, but i don't think she knows that. niall will make her feel beautiful because of course were one direction! but she says that she is not a directioner but we can change that ;)


loui POV;

wow niall called first dibs, im really proud for him. although the hug was a little awkward. but i think a little bit of me likes niall called first dibs on her and i know the rules you cant flirt or anything with her. but just a little bit...

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