An Excuse To Smoke

“Love is… born with the pleasure of looking at each other; is fed by the necessity of seeing one another; and is concluded with the impossibility of separation."

Liliana Michaels was never really with the times. So when she bumped into each member of One Direction individually, she didn't actually have a clue who they were.

That was until her friend Cathy elaborated a bit on the band she's obsessed with.

Follow Lily and Cathy as they make their way through summer with part of the UK's new and hot boyband living in the apartment above them. Friendships will be made and love gained.

For this is the Summer where Lily's heart is to break.


3. Chapter 3

A routine was soon developed between the neighbours. While Harry and Cathy got closer, becoming quick friends with constant flirting, Lily became a substitute of Harry for Louis. Their Crazy personalities meant that they would constantly be in the weirdest situations with a majority of people staring at them with a sense of scared admiration.

And it had only been 3 weeks of meeting them.

Nothing exciting had happened in those 3 weeks. Cathy had constantly been upstairs in Louis and Harry’s apartment, slightly because she was an obsessed fan, majority because she wanted to be friends with them.

Lily was indifferent. However, she did find that whenever Cathy went up there – and Eleanor didn’t happen to be with him, Louis would come down to their apartment and Lily and he would just do whatever the hell they wanted. 

They had yet to go into public with them, so no fans were aware of the friendship bonds which were quickly being made, therefore Lily and Cathy relished in the freedom before an inevitable would occur.

An inevitable which happened on the 4th Saturday of meeting them.

“I’m Hungry,” Niall, his hands cradling his stomach, complained. He had been lying on the sofa in Louis and Harry’s apartment, whining for about an hour. No one was really paying any attention to him. 

Lily was too busy trying to make the remote control cars she’d just bought to function so her and Louis could determine once and for all who was best – they’d been arguing about it for a while now.

Cathy was telling a humorous story of how Lily got into a fight with the bitch of the school and somehow ended up kicking the headmaster in the balls (long story) to everyone else in the room.

“Fooooddddd!” He whined again.

“Okay Niall,” Liam finally gave in to his pleas. 

Lily looked up at Liam with disappointed eyes, “But, Cars!” She said, holding up the remote controls and cars – which were now fully functional.

“We can just take them with us,” Louis suggested, “Race them down the street. An extra challenge if you will.”

It didn’t take long for Lily to be completely convinced. “Deal.” She grinned.

Slipping on her boots, [ ] Lily soon joined everyone in the hall, ready to walk to their favourite restaurant, Nandos.

As soon as they got out of the apartment, Lily and Louis placed their cars on the ground and held their respective remotes in their hands.

Harry, being ever so excited to see Louis be beaten, counted down for the two “3, 2, 1, GO!” 

And that they did.

They ran after their cars to keep them in view, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Cathy walking behind them, laughing all the way. 

“I’m so going to kick your butt Lily” Louis laughed as the turned a sharp corner, onto a very long straight path.

“Says the 20 year old,” Lily chuckled. 

The rest of the band, conscious of the fact that they were slowly loosing Lily and Louis, ran after them.

From afar it must have been a funny sight.

Two young adults with remote controls chasing after small cars as they whizzed down the street, with 5 others running after them, shouting their name.

Lily was getting very conscious of the fact that Louis was getting closer to winning, and therefore decided to cheat. 

She saw an alley way getting close with a small circular dustbin at the side. Timing it right, just as they ran past the alley, Lily pushed Louis to the side and into the alleyway. She stopped to see if her plan worked. It Did.

Louis was in the dustbin, his head and legs poking out the top but the rest of his body very much stuck. Lily stood there and laughed, pointing at a very frustrated Louis.

“Cheater!” He shouted attempting to pull himself out of the bin. 

This just made Lily laugh louder.

“Shit, Lily I’m stuck.” He complained, holding out a hand for her to help. Still laughing, Lily went to help him, and instead was pulled into the bin with him.

Now both Lily and Louis were in hysterics, which was the way in which the others stumbled upon them.

“What the hell happened?” Zayn burst out laughing at the site. They were both trying to get out of the bin, but with all their energy being put into laughter, they found their arms weak and would just collapse back where they were.

That was when the paparazzi found them.

In an on slaughter of bright lights and flashes, the others smiled and Lily and Louis continued to laugh in the dustbin, unable to move and now blinded by the intensity of the lights.

The others, now aware that neither of the two could hold themselves up, helped them out of the bin respectively. Cathy having to hold Lily up as she was crying with laughter. 

The cameras persisted. 

Questions were being shouted left, right and centre, and Cathy began to find it extremely intimidating. 

Lily was none the wiser, still in her own little giggling world – for once she had begun to laugh, there was no stopping her.

The guys flung their arms around the two girls and led them through the journalists, smiling and waving at the cameras expertly.

Lily probably looked slightly crazy, but she could still hear Louis laughing somewhere next to her, so thought better of it. 

“I so win!” Lily heard Louis shout over the hustle and bustle.

“As if Tommo!” She shouted back, chuckling to herself. 

The pushed through the cameras until Liam finally told them that the band wanted some peace for lunch, and eventually they left one by one.

“First experience with paparazzi Lils and you were collapsing,” Niall chuckled, flinging a lazy arm around her shoulder.

“If that didn’t affect you from being…well, you. I don’t know what will.” Cathy piped up, her voice slightly shaking from the quick flood of lights. 

Lily had calmed down dramatically, the cameras keeping her hysterical feeling in movement and as they leave, as does her laughter and she noticed the waver in Cathy’s voice.

Cathy was the confident one, Lily had never heard her voice crack before. 

Stepping in pace with Cathy, Lily placed a comforting arm over her shoulder, causing Cathy to grin appreciatively in her way before looking down.

“The second rule you taught me,” Lily grinned, bringing her mind back to when Cathy actually used to sit her down and tell her the lessons of life. Cathy smirked at Lily appreciatively, and slightly proud, “Never let anyone other than yourself influence your emotions into something that you don’t want to feel.” She nudged her shoulder to show how silly that Cathy was being.

After that it didn’t take long for Cathy to go back to her normal (or as normal as she could get) self.

The restaurant was empty when they arrived, and remained relatively so for a while, the workers managing to keep out any hyperactive fan as they attempted to push their way through to ‘get a picture with’ one or all of the boys (Lily suspected their real motives were most likely rape.)

Idle chatter was made, mostly the group listening to Cathy tell her experience of a real leprechaun – which was later established to be a dream.

That’s when Lily had a random thought pop into her head, and being Lily, she decided to interrupt the adult conversation on the serious case of their privacy from the paparazzi and jump in with this:

“Don’t you find it ironic that you’re obsessed with TOMs and they’re the first three letters of your last name?” 

She was nibbling idly on a stray carrot left on her plate as she directed her question towards Louis, sounding genuinely curious. The whole table stopped to look at her, to which she just shrugged and continued with eating her carrot.

“Oh My God,” Louis whispered, “You’ve just rewritten my whole perspective on life.” His mouth was open with shock as he just stared into empty space.

“Are we not capable of having a serious conversation without something strange happening?” Liam questioned two fingers on the bridge of his nose.

“I very much doubt that,” Cathy said, giggling into her chicken.

“Alright. I know now for future reference.” He groaned into your food.

“Hey Liam?” Lily began again, he looked up at her desperately as though pleading for her to say something at least intelligent, “Why you afraid of spoons?” She smirked, slurping her drink. 

She was definitely enjoying her summer.

By the time they had got back to the apartment, the pictures were already spreading through the internet. Liliana had become the boys Tumblr informant over the past couple weeks, and therefore tracked the ‘One Direction’ tag. When she clicked on that particular tag as they sat in Harry and Louis apartment, there were dozens of pictures of Liliana and Cathy with the boys with little captions below asking if anyone knew who ‘these girls’ were.

There was even a video of Liliana pushing Louis into the bin. How did I not notice someone was filming us? She asked herself.

When she watched it over however, she couldn’t help but laugh. So she decided to call everyone around to watch it. 

“Pretty strong for a small person,” Harry commented, laughing at Louis’s beet-root face as he covered his eyes in shame.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” He muttered.

And that was the last they heard of the subject. That was until the next day where the rumours began.

Liliana was fast asleep, snoring slightly and spread eagle in her bed, the duvet covering every inch of her body. She was completely unaware of the argument going on in the apartment above between Louis and Eleanor.

Eleanor threw a magazine on the table in front of him, “What is this?” She questioned calmly – though her eyes showed her insecurities.

Louis picked up the magazine and inspected the page. 

There was a blown up picture of Louis and Lily in the bin, both laughing at the camera as they attempted to pull themselves out of the situation.

Underneath the picture was a caption saying “Does Tommo have a new girl on the scene?” and an in depth discussion on who this mystery girl was.

Harry and Cathy had a similar discussion on the opposite page.

“It’s nothing Eleanor I swear,” He defended, realising how she must’ve felt that morning waking up to this piece of information. 

“Well everyone is going to think that there’s something going on between you two! Are you going to clear it up?” She pressed, hands on her hips as she glared up and Louis.

Louis hesitated.

“Well are you?” She almost screeched. 

“Of Course I will Elle, but I don’t want Liliana, or even Cathy’s privacy to be invaded upon – it’s their choice if they’re ready. I gave you the same choice, surely you can respect that.” He pleaded, not wanting Lily or Cathy to be bombarded with hate messages and the rest of their life ruled over by the press.

“They made that decision when they became friends with you Louis.” Eleanor commented.

“At least let me warn them,” Louis sighed, giving into his girlfriend’s protests.

Eleanor nodded her head slowly, her eyes full of empathy for the girls. 

They were going to go through a lot these next few weeks.

Cathy was in the kitchen making some coffee when Louis walked in, now aware of where the spare key was hidden outside.

“You know it’s rude not to announce your presence,” Cathy said idly as she followed Louis into the living room, making him jump slightly at the sudden presence.

“Sorry Cath,” Louis grinned, “Is Lily not up yet?” He questioned, running a nervous hand across his neck.

“No. What’s the matter Louis, you’ve got a distressed aura about you,” Cathy commented, slumping herself on the sofa as she sipped her tea appreciatively.

Louis handed her the magazine and watched her reaction. 

“Ah, you’ve come to tell us that our identities need to be published,” She grinned, giving the magazine back to Louis.

“How did you –” He decided not to question it, “Can you go wake her up, it sort of needs to be done today before the rumours can escalate.”

Cathy shook her head. “She’d suffocate me again.” She said, wincing at the memory, “but you can try wake her up. You’re too strong to be able to suffocate.” She grinned, enjoying the slight look of shock on his face. “I warn you though. She likes her sleep.” 

Louis, as quietly as he could, opened the door to Liliana’s room. The twinkle lights above her bed were on, allowing him enough light to avoid the shoes and boxes strewn around the room. 

Lily was spread out across her double bed, taking advantage of the room. Her hair was across her face, moving only with her breathing. 

It was an entertaining sight.

Deciding not to go to close to her – not wanting to be suffocated, Louis took the duvet, and in one quick motion, pulled it off Lily’s clothed body.

She sat up immediately, fire in her eyes. “COLD!” She shouted, searching around confused for the warm covers which had been cruelly taken from her. 

When she spotted Louis she jumped back into her pillows. 

“Shit Lou! Give a person a warning will you?” She screeched, making sure her pyjamas were actually on her body this time. 

“Thought you’d better see this,” He threw the magazine at Lily, which she caught expertly, and in the dim light she managed to read the caption and notes. 

“Oh,” She said, running a hand through her knotted hair.

“I’m going to have to tell them who you are,” Louis said sheepishly, not knowing how she would react to the news in any case.

“When?” Her face was ducked down towards the article, so Louis couldn’t see how she was feeling whatsoever.

“As soon as possible,” He answered quickly.

“Well then,” She cleared her throat, and looked up with a giant smile, “I always knew I was destined for fame,” She winked, throwing the magazine back at Louis and leaving her room to go get the coffee.

“You’re okay with this?” He followed behind a couple seconds too late.

“Why shouldn’t I be? I know I’ll get hate. But we’re just friends Lou, better to clear things up.” She smiled, pouring the hot water into the instant coffee and adding the milk in separately.

“Thank you,” He said sincerely, Lily looked up, surprised by his seriousness, and she waved it off. 

Without another word he skipped off back upstairs, probably ready to announce that Liliana and Cathy had agreed to go along with it.

Lily slumped next to Cathy on the sofa, sipping her coffee absentmindedly, “You ready for this?” Cathy queried, judging Lily’s face from the side.

Lily grinned and nodded, “Are you?”

Cathy had the same reaction.

For their last few moments of freedom, Lily and Cathy cleaned up their twitter and tumblr accounts, to get rid of swear words (from Lily) and Cathy’s overly obsessed tweets to the boys back when she didn’t know them personally. 

They were well aware of what they were going to get into, but they could never expect the full intensity at which it would happen.

They flicked on the radio when they boys were all about to go on, their laptops in front of them, twitter open so they could actually watch the reaction – if there was one.

It was the first question asked. 

“So we have One Direction in the studio with us,” a lot of hoots and whoops could be heard from the boys, “We thought we’d start with some well anticipated questions.” The DJ began; you could hear the slight rustling of papers as Liam agreed to the set up. “So, who are those girls you were pictured with the other day?” the girls didn’t expect that question to be the first one asked, and neither did the band apparently. 

“Oh Uh,” Harry began, but was interrupted by Louis, who seemed the most prepared, “They’re some good friends of ours,” 

Lily could almost hear him smiling. 

“And can I ask, how did you end up in the bin with one of them,” The interviewer sounded extremely sly when saying this, as if hinting something completely different than what it was.

You could hear Niall laugh in the background openly, and the other hold in a few chuckles. 

“Uh, Liliana and I were sort of arguing about who was the best person in the world” Louis began

“Liliana?” The interviewer interrupted.

“Liliana Michaels, she’s the one I’m with in the picture,” Louis elaborated.

Lily took a glance at her twitter, and began laughing at her number of followers as it slowly increased.

“Okay, continue please.”

“Well yeah, so we decided that a good old fashion race would do the trick-“

“With remote control cars,” Harry added, laughing at Louis embarrassment.

“And she decided to cheat while we were racing and pushed me into a bin.” Louis chuckled, “to get her back I pulled her into as well.” He finished.

You could tell that the interviewer was disappointed, hoping for something juicy. 

“So the rumours are-” The interviewer began

“-Just rumours,” Louis finished.

“And what about the other girl, Harry you seemed pretty close with her,”

Lily looked over at Cathy as she played with her hands, staring at the radio.

“She’s just a friend,” Harry laughed, “Cathy Swan. She was pretty shocked by the cameras is all,” He elaborated, explaining her arm which was held protectively around her in all the pictures of them together.

Well that’s a lie, Lily thought, He had his arm around her the whole time, she grunted openly, but Cath was too busy squealing at the amount of mentions and followers she was suddenly receiving. 

The interview soon went back to normal, each of the boys being asked the typical questions – for them at least (Who in the band is single? What kind of girls do you like?) Their single played and the girls knew that the interview was over.

They were still sort of surprised by the on slaughter of messaged they were already receiving. Liliana was thankful for their pre-warning to clean up their previous tweets; some of these people were really young.

There was surprising a lot of hate. Girls claiming the boys to be “Theirs” and that Cathy and Lily didn’t “deserve” them and whatnot. 

They just laughed it off, deciding not to answer to any mentions until they could properly get their head around it.

“Privacy gone forever!” They heard Louis shout from the hall.

“By you apparently, you realise this is Mine and Cath’s apartment,” Lily shot back still staring at her computer. She felt the sofa lower next to her and saw Zayn and Niall sitting next to her, with Liam sitting on the arm rest as Harry and Cathy claimed to final space on the sofa. 

Louis walked in and saw the lack of space on their only piece of sitting furniture, and decided to lie down on the floor in front of everyone instead. “You need more chairs,” he commented idly before putting his bag under his head to support it.

“Go put your complaint in the complaint box then love,” Lily replied, still staring at her laptop.

“I might just do that,” 

But she ignored him. Zayn took her laptop from her, much to her frustration, and looked at her twitter feed. 

“God,” He laughed at the screen, almost scared. “Look at the amount of Mrs Styles there are,” he pointed at the mentions and began cracking up. “How you managing that many wives eh Harry?” he winked at him, passing the laptop on to the others, Liam began typing away – reassuring Lily that he was only signing into his own account, so Lily just sat, squished between the boys, and stared around the room, watching the interactions between everyone. 

Louis was sat, a piece of paper resting against his leg and a pen in his hand scribbling away. His tongue was poking out the side of his mouth with concentration and his eyes followed the pen across the page. The only noise coming from him was the miniscule sound of his breathing. You soon learnt being friends with Louis to cherish these silent moments, no matter how short.

Lily caught herself staring at him, studying his every feature, and it scared her slightly. “What you doing Lou?” She asked trying to distract herself from her scared nature, her voice wavered slightly as though she was thirsty, and she cleared her throat quietly. 

“I’m writing my complaint obviously,” He replied, glancing up from behind his hair as it fell in front of his face, “Now where’s that box.” He jumped up suddenly, waving the piece of paper in there air.

“You seriously wrote a complaint?” She asked deadpanned, staring at him with a questioning look.

He simply nodded, biting his lip. Why are you looking at his lips? Lily asked herself, beginning to panic at her thoughts.

“Let me see it then,” She grinned, pushing herself up from between Zayn and Niall, using their legs as supports. 

“No! It’s for the box,” He held the note up in the air, so Lily – being as small as she is, couldn’t reach it whatsoever.

“Don‘t make me come up there,” She commented, pointing towards the paper which was now held high up in the air. 

She attempted to jump for it, she even attempted the climb onto his back to reach it. But even then, when she had very successfully managed to pull herself onto his back, she still couldn’t reach it.

Sighing, and ignoring Cathy’s gaze on her, she slid down Louis back and grabbed the tissue box and took out all the tissues.

Bowing, she presented the empty tissue box to Louis “The complaint box your highness,”

“Why thank you minion.” He replied cheekily. Placing the complaint in the box and passing it back to her.

“Minion?” She asked, an eyebrow rising. She placed the tissue box on the table, already forgetting about the ‘complaint’.

“It seemed to fit,” he stuck he tongue out at Lily playfully, but let’s just say her thoughts weren’t innocent.

 “That’s okay,” she commented back, clearing her throat, and hopefully her mind of the dirty thoughts “I live in my own little world… I’m the master there,” She grinned back slightly, before excusing herself to the bathroom.

She needed to get away for a few minutes.

Once the door had closed behind her, she just stared at the reflection of herself in the mirror. “That was weird,” she muttered, running her fingers through her hair, she splashed some water on her face, and dabbed it dry, before stepping back out the bathroom and into the living room.

“We’re going to go out,” Cathy grinned as Lily came back into view. 

“How long was I in there?” Lily joked back.

“Har Har.” Cathy laughed sarcastically, “You coming?” She questioned, searching around the apartment for her handbag, stepping over Louis who had placed himself back on the floor, and crawling under the legs of the boys who refused to move them from the table to let her past.

“Yeah Sure, I’ll just get ready.”  

It didn’t take long to change, and by that time Eleanor and Danielle had joined them in the living room, everyone waiting for Lily.

“Ready,” She sang as she stepped out her room and began walking towards the door, to encourage everyone to follow, which they did so swiftly.

Lily dropped to the back of the group as they led the way to wherever they were going, and soon Eleanor stepped into a pace with Lily.

“Thanks for agreeing to let them reveal who you are so quickly,” She grinned.

Lily noticed that she had to look up to see Eleanor’s face. She was smiling, her hair framing her face perfectly. Next to her, Liliana felt like an insecure midget. 

“Oh it’s nothing, don’t worry. The rumours needed to be cleared,” She smiled back at Eleanor before looking down once again; she seriously hated her height at moments like that one.

“I still wanted to thank you. I mean, I get quite insecure about things like that,” She whispered, as though revealing her deepest secret. 

Lily looked up at her incredulously. “Insecure? Are you kidding me?” She laughed, spluttering slightly at the outrageousness at the suggestion.

“No Seriously! I feel Louis is too good for me sometimes. He gets me these incredible gifts and each time I tell him to stop spending his money on me. I feel as though he’s going to regret it someday.”

They were quite behind the group at this time, and they were all ahead joking around, it felt like another world having this serious conversation with Eleanor.

“Eleanor, are you serious? Anyone can see you two are perfect for one another. You both love each other. You can’t really think he’s ever going to regret a penny spent on you? ” Lily reassured, she would have put a comforting arm around her, but with the size difference it would have just been awkward. “He’s a great bloke, you’re lucky to have him, but so is he to you,” She finished, glancing at Louis. He was dancing in front of the group, laughing and beaming so big that you could see his smile from across the park - he had such a nice smile. 

“Thank you Lily, you’re a good person. You know that?” She smiled thankfully.

Lily shook her head, only vaguely listening to what Eleanor had said, “You are kidding? I’m the queen of good love,” She grinned, attempting to get as far away from this serious conversation as possible, she just very insecure talking a beautiful woman about their feelings for her friend.

Eleanor laughed and slowly they caught up to the group, talking about clothes once they finally reached them.

They were all sitting in a group in the middle of a field in the local park, Niall had his guitar, to get rid of silences, and by the time they reached them, they were all laughing and talking, looking like the typical summer scene.

Eleanor sat down immediately, curling up into Louis embrace. 

Lily, however, took out her camera, feeling the perfect opportunity for some photos.

She took one when no one expected it and another when they all turned to look at her.

“What are you doing Lily?” Harry asked, staring at her camera.

“Capturing the moment,” she replied simply, sitting next to Cathy in the large circle that had been created.

“Lily’s project for the summer was to create a wall of her life with photos,” Cathy explained, laughing as Lily took a picture of Cath from the side.

They all nodded their head, almost appreciatively that they’d get a place on her wall.

Lily got a lot of photos that day, most of which would end up on her wall. And she’d always look back on those photos with a smile on her face.

The time where things weren’t so complicated.

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