An Excuse To Smoke

“Love is… born with the pleasure of looking at each other; is fed by the necessity of seeing one another; and is concluded with the impossibility of separation."

Liliana Michaels was never really with the times. So when she bumped into each member of One Direction individually, she didn't actually have a clue who they were.

That was until her friend Cathy elaborated a bit on the band she's obsessed with.

Follow Lily and Cathy as they make their way through summer with part of the UK's new and hot boyband living in the apartment above them. Friendships will be made and love gained.

For this is the Summer where Lily's heart is to break.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter Two

It was silent in the back of the car for a while. Slowly Liliana opened her eyes – which she closed for extra show of her ‘relaxation’, and she saw that not one of the boys had moved. Becoming frustrated with the silence, she spoke once again.

“Staring Competition Winners I’m sure. But you do look weird when you do it in public.” She quipped, raising an eyebrow at their unblinking state.

“Uh-” One of them managed to quip out, Zayn if she remembered right.

“You’d uh,” Liam choked slightly. “You’d think our bodyguards would see they were pushing a girl in with us.” He laughed nervously, breaking the others out of their trance.

“Well I’m not the tallest of people.” Lily piped up, justifying the mistake.

“Right you are, Petite.” Harry winked. Earning a roll of the eyes from almost all the boys in the car.

“Shut Up Curly. Wait-“ She cut herself off, “Did you just say body guards?”

The boys looked nervously at one another.

“Are you famous or something?” She asked, the plot making sense to her – screaming girls. Typical.

“Well Yeah.” Niall said, pulling on the hair on the back of his head – a nervous habit she supposed.

“We’re One Direction” Harry puffed out his chest, showing his proud nature.

“I know that name; my best friend is obsessed with you guys.” Lily said vaguely, suddenly imagining Cathy’s reaction when she’d tell this story later on.

“And you’re not.” The new boy – whose name she didn’t know yet, said quietly from the side of the car, her elbow rested on the arm rest as though tired.

The boys looked at him strangely Liliana noticed, but ignored the looks. “Uh, I don’t really pay attention to anything.” She admitted, smiling to herself as she realised the intense truth in that statement.

“But you were where all those screaming girls were in the alley way.” Zayn said, attempting to make sense of it all. The guys looked at Zayn confused but he brushed off the looks as if to say he’d explain later.

“I was late for school, and was stressed from being trampled on.” She explained, Zayn nodded his head as an approval.

“Can I ask where you are actually taking me.” She said, suddenly becoming nervous that she was in a car, with a famous boy band, being taken away from hoards of fans.

“Uh, they’re going to take us the long way back to Harry’s place.” Liam explained.

“Oh that’s fine then. I live beneath Curly I think.” She looked questioningly at Harry and he nodded his head, smiling widely.

“Convenient.” The boy on the end – whose name she still didn’t know, piped up, chuckling slightly as though sinking into comfort.

“Sorry, but I don’t know your name.” She smiled at him, not finding it at all comforting being in a car with strangers, and not knowing on of their names.

Harry was about to pipe up when Louis put a hand over his mouth, silencing him.

“You’ll have to figure that out by yourself then won’t you,” He challenged, a crooked grin spreading across his face, his hands still cutting off anything Harry was going to say.

“I accept that challenge.” Lily smiled, knowing that she’d hear everything there probably was to know about these five boys if she asked Cathy to elaborate.

“Give me your phone then.” He held out his hand, and Lily looked at him strangely.

“Think you forgot to say the rest of your thoughts out loud there love.” She said, her eyebrow raised as she held her phone protectively to her chest.

“So I can put my number in, then once you figure out who I am, you can tell me.” He chuckled, giving Lily his phone to put her number in also.

They exchanged phones, ignoring the looks from the others in the car, and wrote their respective numbers in.

Before giving it back, Harry pulled the phone from Louis hand and put his number in, this action quickly followed by the other band mates before they gave her her phone back.

“We trust you not to pass it round” Liam said seriously.

“Come On. I’m not that kind of girl.” The car pulled to a stop, and winking Lily got out first and ran up the flights of stairs to her apartment, conscious of the groups footsteps from a couple floors below.

She couldn’t wait to tell Cathy.

Lily sat in their living room, a program was playing in the background as she twiddled her fingers waiting impatiently for Cathy to arrive home.

She had no doubt that she’d have to tell Cathy what had happened to her that day, it was just how she would tell her. She could fain a sudden interest in One Direction, and somehow slip in that she met them that day. Or she could dive in at the deep in and tell her that her favourite band lived in the apartment above theirs.

Yeah, and she wouldn’t jump up and attack them.

Lily thought sarcastically.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the apartment door slamming open and an exhausted Cathy, dragging her heavy feet behind her, slumped on the sofa next to Lily - not noticing the anticipation and impatience on Lily’s face.

“What. A. Day.” Cathy sighed, closing her eyes and lying her head on the back of the sofa.

Feigning interest Liliana inquired as to how the job hunting went.

“Horribly. Remind me never to grace Primark with my splendour again, it was all hustle and bustle.” This rant went on for quite a while, and Lily was growing impatient, believing that the subject she was about to bring up would at least interest Cathy more than her rants interested Lily.

“Sorry you had a crap day.” Lily began, interrupting Cathy before she ranted on again, “But I do have something to ask you.”

Cathy was intrigued. She turned her body to face Lily’s on the sofa and her eyes opened to their full height, forgetting their previous fatigue.

“Go On.” She smiled, glad to be distracted.

“I have been hearing One Direction all over the place, and I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit.” Lily looked at Cathy from under her fringe.

“How far is elaborate?” Cathy sat up and Liliana could see the excitement already begin to bubble up in the pools of her eyes.

“I want to hear everything there is to know about One Direction.”


It turns out there is a lot to know about that boy band. Including their back stories, their album (which Cathy had playing on a constant repeat while she was explaining), which were single and which were taken- for now Cathy added, and the case of Larry Stylinson.

“Larry Stylinson? Are you Serious?” Liliana smiled, picture the two boys she met today and imagining them together, she burst out laughing.

“They go along with it! It’s rather funny. But I don’t really think they’re gay for one another - oh that’d be interesting if they did come out.” She began squealing.

Liliana laughed, “ I’m Sure. Now let me see if I’ve got this right?” Cathy nodded, signalling her continuation. “Niall Horan is the blonde, Irish one,”

Cathy nodded.

“18 years old.”

Cathy smiled at how quickly Liliana remembered.

“Next is Liam Payne, the mature one from Wolverhampton. 18 years old. Then Zayn Malik, with the quiff, from Bradford, he’s 19 years old. Harry Styles is the one with the curls-”

“Mine,” Cathy shouted, smiling brightly at Lily.

“Of Course,” she continued, eyeing Cathy strangely (a look most common in their friendship) “He’s 18. Then Finally there is Louis Tomlinson, the weirdest but eldest of the group being 20.”

“Congratulations! We can now obsess over them together.” Cathy jumped in her spot on the sofa.

“Sure We can.” tapping Cathy comfortingly on the shoulder, Lily pulled herself up, announcing that she was tired and shutting her bedroom door behind her.

She had his name.

Searching through her contacts, she found all the boys names:


Niall :D

Zayn x

Liam (:

And finally,


Rolling her eyes, she checked the date it was added just to make sure and tapped on his name.

Louis Tomlinson. Aged 20, Dating Eleanor Calder. Like Carrots. The weird one who most the fans place in the best way as Larry Stylinson - Does Eleanor know? :‘) x

Smiling she quickly sent it off before she could regret it.

She bet he wouldn’t be expecting that amount of detail.

It wasn’t long before she got a text back.

Did some major stalking there… (:

Liliana laughed at his text. After changing into her pyjamas, Liliana texted back:

My roommate is obsessed with you guys

She laughed at the pure truth of what she had written, Liliana only just now had realised the intensity of Cathy’s obsession.

Wonder what she’d do if she knew everyone was up here,

Liliana chuckled and decided to text him the truth.

…She’d rape Harry.

She didn’t wait long for the next message.

Well come up then

Uh?… Harry wants to be raped?

Haven’t asked, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind ;).

Give me a sec to break it to her s…l…o…w…l…y.

Liliana placed her phone in her pocket of her pyjama bottoms and strolled into the living room where Cathy was sitting watching the TV.

“What happened to being tired,” She commented idly, not taking her eyes of the Tele screen.

“Uh Actually I need to tell you something.” Liliana said cautiously, sitting on the edge of the sofa next to Cathy.

“What is it love?” She asked truly interested. She switched the television off and placed her full concentration on Lily. “Come one you’re worrying now.”

“I’m sure you’re wondering the real reason why I was so interesting in One Direction,” Liliana began, earning a slight nod from Cathy.

Cathy wasn’t stupid, she knew something must have changed for Lily to gain an interest in this band.

“Well I - I sort of met them.”

She was met with silence. Cathy stared at Lily, her eyes wide and her mouth smiling brightly. She seemed to have frozen in the position for quite some time before she reacted by screaming … loudly.

She felt a vibration in her pocket, and placing a finger in her ear from the still screaming Cathy, she checked the message.

I hear you’ve told her something, ;).

Liliana looked towards the ceiling and laughed. She had no idea how she was going to react to the next piece of information.

“Oh My God. Oh My Goodness. OH MY SPOONS! TELL ME EVERYTHING” She shouted bouncing on the sofa and agitating Lily a bit.

“That’s not the best part,” Liliana sighed, almost regretting saying it immediately.

“What could be better than that?” She squealed.

“They live upstairs.”

Before Liliana could blink, Cathy had shot up and out the door.

It took a couple second for Lily to react before she followed Cathy out the door too, slamming it behind her.

“Cathy! CATHY! COME BACK HERE!” She shouted up the stairs. When she turned the corner, however, she was already met with Cathy screaming in Louis face.

Grumbling, and wincing, Liliana walked up behind Cathy and placed a hand over her mouth, muffling the screams, she held her from behind - almost like a hostage situation, and greeted Louis.

He was too busy stared at Cathy shocked.

“How can that noise come from that small person?” He asked incredulous, his eyes held wide.

“I told you she was a fan,” Lily said sarcastically.

Cathy began to calm down, and still with Lily’s hand over her mouth she waved excitedly at Louis, who chuckled scared most likely,  and waved back.

“Hey Louis, Whose screaming?” A boy with curly hair and a cheeky grin peered around the corner and into the hall.


Big Mistake.

Cathy’s eyes went huge and she began fidgeting under Harry’s gaze.

“Oh Hi there Lily” He commented, smiling at the girl who was struggling to keep her best friend under control, bearing in mind her hand was still cupped firmly over Cathy’s mouth.

“Hi Harry,” She smiled warmly.

“Why are you suffocating that girl?” He asked confused, eyeing the situation.

“Because she has come to rape y-” Lily was interrupted by Cathy biting her hand.

“She Bit me!” She said in shock and slight awe. “Cath you bit me.” She looked at her friend, and then back to her hand which was swelling and beginning to bleed. “Hard.” She finished. Still weirdly proud of her best friend for hurting her.

Cathy stuck her tongue out and walked up to Harry, holding her hand out. “Hi I’m Cathy,” She smiled as he shook her hand, “I’m Lily’s best friend, and I live with her.” She finished. Harry grinned and after a short introduction, he walked her to the living room to introduce her to the rest of the band.

Lily watched them leave incredulously.

“You bit me!” She shouted after them. Cathy stuck her head around the corner, much like Harry had done previously, and said “If its any constellation. You tasted yummy.” Before giggling to herself and popping her head back around the corner.

What a weird, weird Child.

Liliana was left at the door, cradling her painful hand to her chest as she stared obliviously at the hall where Cathy had just disappeared.

She had completely forgotten about the boy who was still holding to door open for her. That was until he burst out into incontrollable laughter,

Lily glared at Louis, waiting for him to calm down enough to make sense.

“Oh-” laughter, “My God” chocking, “You - You’re.”

He stopped making sense again.

“Are you done now? I’m sort of bleeding,” She grumbled.

Louis, in return, held up a finger, signalling her to wait for a second, which she did so exasperatedly.

Breathing deeply, with a few chocking sounds escaping; he wiped a fake tear and calmed himself down. He sighed deeply, smiling “We have a first aid kit somewhere.”

He led Lily to the living room where was greeted by the band which she had only just become aware of.

Louis then indicated towards the two girls which Lily had yet to meet.

“Liliana, this is Danielle,” He pointed towards a girl with curls running through her hair and a slender figure to die for, “Liam’s girlfriend,” he elaborated. He next pointed to a tall girl, her light brown hair waving to midway down her back “And this is Eleanor, my girlfriend.” Louis beamed at Eleanor and winked at her before walking towards a room saying he was going to try and find the first aid kit.

Liliana turned towards Danielle and Eleanor. “It’s nice to meet you,” she smiled warmly, “I would shake your hand, but as you can see, that’d be kind of uncomfortable for all of us,” She held up her hand as proof. It was still bloody and slightly purple with bruises.

“Oh My God, what happened?” Danielle gasped, a slight smile on her face showing she found it humorous, stood up to inspect her hand.

Lily heard Harry chuckle from his space next to Cathy on the sofa and turning on the two Lily explained, “Cathy Bit me… Hard.” before sticking her tongue out at her.

“It was your fault love. You don’t indulge information which is not yours to put across, that’s the first rule I taught you.” Cathy grinned up at Lily smugly, laughing at Lily’s exasperated face.

It was true, Lily thought, that was the first rule Cathy had taught her.

“I found it!” Louis shouted from somewhere in the apartment, “I’ve set it up in the kitchen!” He continued.

Lily, looking around the room confused, attempting to determine where he shouted that from, spoke in return - in the same decibel, “Where the hell is the kitchen?!” Earning minor chuckles and giggles from the few in the room.

Louis popped his head around a door, “Forgot you’ve never been here before,” he explained, popping his head back round it.

Lily walked towards what she assumed was the kitchen; she winked towards Cathy as she got into a deep conversation with Harry, earning a discrete wave of the hand back.

The kitchen was which with a few colourful tiles dotted randomly around the walls. When she entered the room she was met with a bar table where various bandages and creams that were laid across the counter.

As though an expert, Lily walked towards the sink and washed off the blood that was beginning to dry, cleaning her war wound, before turning back to the medicine. Pulling a stool out for herself, she sat at the table and began looking at the creams, pulling out the appropriate one.

“Can I just say, I’ve seen weird people - I mean I am weird people, but your friend…? She’s like the leader of the mental.” Louis commented, watching Lily expertly treat her hand.

“It’s more politically correct to say she’s the leader of the unique,” She glanced up at him, smiling to show she was joking.

“And how did you become friends with the leader of the unique,” he queried, playing along with the name she had graced her friend with.

“Cathy is the kind of person who doesn’t care what people think of her, I mean at all. People in school used to laugh openly at her, and she’d smile at them and go along her merry way,” Lily explained, grabbing some pain relief cream and rubbing it on the swelling areas of her hand, she didn’t look up to see if Louis was listening, she strongly admired her friend and loved talking about her confidence, “I’m basically the same, but slightly more aggressive. I don’t give a fuck what people think of me, and by that sense do what I want to do, including dancing in the middle of the street, or ignoring bands which are apparently very popular,” She smirked, allowing Louis to see she was in fact talking about them.

“So you really had no idea,”

“Nope.” She smiled, sticking the gauze down with a safety pin and pulling herself from the bar, and leaving the kitchen, interrupting any conversation she was having with the stranger.

The television was on in the living room, but no one was really watching, each involved in their own conversations.

She walked up to Cathy and tapped her on the shoulder interrupting the conversation between Harry and her.

Cathy spun around and smiled sheepishly at Lily’s now gauzed up hands.

“I need to go back to the apartment now-” she began, but was interrupted by Cathy.

“Nooo,” She whined, “I want to stay,” She sounded very childlike but everyone could tell she was toying with Lily.

“Calm Down Tinkerbelle!” She held up her hands in defence, “You can stay with curly, just give me the keys.” She grinned, holding out her good hand.

Cathy searched through her pockets and pulled out her keys, placing them into Lily’s hand.

“See you later Lil,” She grinned. Her farewell was swiftly followed by everyone else in the room, their own little unique twist on their goodbyes, including the typical “Nice to meet you” from both Danielle and Eleanor.

Liliana smiled at them all and quickly left the room, shouting a goodbye as she closed the door of the apartment behind her.

Smiling to herself, Lily trampled down the stairs. She opened their blue door with her key and pushed it open.

She was now officially tired.

Slamming the door behind her, Lily made her way to her bedroom and sighed heavily as she push open the door, she’d left the twinkle lights surrounding her bed on all day, making the room hot and stuffy.

Opening the window - and turning off the lights- Lily fell into her covers, and only just managed to kick off her shoes before she fell into a well-deserved slumber.

Liliana awoke the next morning to tweeting of a bird. Groaning and running a hand through her messy hair, she sat up in the flurry of covers, clicking her tongue on the roof of her mouth. Sometime in the night she had managed to take her shorts off, and was now left with just a baggy top and her underwear, which were boy shorts.

The chirping continued, so Lily got up and closed the window, before slipping towards her wardrobe in search of something clean to wear.

The chirping continued. And gradually got louder, until she was very aware that something was wrong with the noise. Closing her eyes and turning around to look at the curtain railings she found a bird, its head docked to the side staring at her.

It chirped again.

And for some reason that scared the hell out of her - she screamed.

This then shocked the bird, as it chirped loudly and decided to take a nice fly around Lily’s room, panicking her even more.

She was not a fan of birds.

Liliana screamed and ran out of her room, shutting the door behind her and stepping away from her room slowly, as though the tiny bird was going to fly through the door somehow.

In fact, she’d go as far as to say that she had a phobia of bird… you know, when they’re in confined spaces.

Cathy wasn’t in the apartment.

She heard thumping in her room from the poor bird trying to get out and shouted “OH MY GOD! It’s going to kill me!” To herself, as though it would somehow manage to calm her down.

That’s when the door burst open, and Cathy, followed by five boys stumbled into the apartment and saw Lily backing away from her bedroom.

Of Course, making a loud noise such as banging a door open isn’t always the best idea when someone is screaming.

Lily, jumping from terror at the sound of the door, tripped backwards and over the top of the sofa, collapsing behind it.

It was silent for a few seconds before Lily stuck her forehead and eyes over the couch, and looking towards Cathy she pointed towards her bedroom and whispered “Bird.”

Cathy, utterly confused, and staring at Lily in a very strange manner (a look which was usually reserved for Cathy from Lily,) she stepped carefully towards Lily.

“What love?” She whispered as she got close enough.

“There is a bird… trapped in my room!” She whispered, terrified, before crouching back behind the sofa.

There were a few moments before Cathy burst out laughing, shocking the 5 boys and 2 girls who had joined them in the living room.

“What is it?” Niall asked, looking concerned at a terrified Lily, and a hysterical Cathy.

“Oh, Nothing.” Cathy giggled, “Just Lily’s worst nightmare coming true.”

“It’s not funny Cath. Just get it out of there!” Lily then sat behind the sofa, leaning against the back and breathing deeply in and out.

Cathy summoned the boys explaining the situation while Danielle and Eleanor left to go upstairs, still too tired to cope with anything exciting for the morning.

They opened the door and stumbled into Lily’s room, shutting the door behind them so the bird couldn’t get out.

At first they couldn’t see anything - that was until a bird swooped from Lily’s bedside table to her curtain rail.

“Shit!” Harry shouted as the bird narrowly missed his head.

They heard a faint “Told You,” from the living room, but immediately went back to the plan. Cathy opened all the windows, cringing as the bird swooped down again.

She opened the curtains, allowing light to enter the room and stepping back they waited patiently for the bird to realise the window was open.

But the bird had other plans.

It stared, its head lopsided, at the 6 new people in the room, and chirping the bird flew down and rested itself onto Louis shoulder, looking rather content there.

Everyone turned to look at Louis and the bird, unsure of how he was going to react.

“Awe!” He whispered, so as not to scare the bird. “I’ll call you Kevin,” he grinned.

The bird apparently did not like the name, and instead flew expertly out the window.

Lily waited behind the couch, hearing commotion from her room. She was acting silly, she knew it. But she was never such a big love of birds, especially when they’re trapped in a room; they just dive at your head, narrowly missed by centimetres before pulling away.

They were the teasers of the animal kingdom.

Her door opened and Lily peaked out from behind the sofa again.

The boys came out first, followed by Cathy as she smiled closing the door.

Louis announced “Kevin is gone,” slightly sad. When he didn’t elaborate, Lily turned her head towards Cathy.

“He means the bird is gone.” She smiled.

“Thank god.” Liliana sighed, running her hands through her messy hair as stress relief. She turned towards Cathy, “Cath,” She said sweetly, “wouldn’t you say this was a good excuse to smoke?”

“No.” Cathy said finally, her arms folded over her chest.

“Fine,” Lily grumbled. She stood up from behind the sofa and into the living, in full sight of everyone.

A whistle came from Zayn’s mouth and it was only then that she realised what she was wearing.

“Shit” She muttered, pulling the top down as far as it could go and running back behind the sofa, crouching down slightly.

Lily was strangely flattered when she noticed all the boys had their gaze fixed on her.

“Do you mind?” She raised an eyebrow, bringing them out of their own minds.

Louis cleared his throat and, flustered, made some excuse about sleep and left, his cheeks turning red. The other boys followed in suit, each with generally the same reaction.

Harry however, before he left, turned to Cathy and smiled at her, “’twas nice to meet you Cathy. Give me a call okay?” before turning to leave the apartment.

Lily lifted an eyebrow suggestively. “Well Well” She grinned. Cathy rolled her eyes, throwing a pair of shorts at her before laughing back “Get your mind out of the gutter Lils.” 

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