An Excuse To Smoke

“Love is… born with the pleasure of looking at each other; is fed by the necessity of seeing one another; and is concluded with the impossibility of separation."

Liliana Michaels was never really with the times. So when she bumped into each member of One Direction individually, she didn't actually have a clue who they were.

That was until her friend Cathy elaborated a bit on the band she's obsessed with.

Follow Lily and Cathy as they make their way through summer with part of the UK's new and hot boyband living in the apartment above them. Friendships will be made and love gained.

For this is the Summer where Lily's heart is to break.


1. Chapter 1

~Chapter One (The italics are her thoughts)~



Liliana Michaels slammed open the front door of her apartment and sprinted down the road. Her dark blonde hair was knotted and dishevelled from her sleep, her clothes were wrinkled and her shoe laces untied.

It was not her day. 

She skidded around the corner, gripping her satchel around her hand, unable to find the time to put it over her shoulder. She was late for her last day of school. 

[ ]

More importantly, she was late for her last day of collage. 

Pushing past commuters on their way to work, she self-consciously pulled her shorts further down as she ran. 

Not far now.

Turning around the next corner, she skidded to a stop at the sight before her.

Hundreds of girls. Screaming at the top of their lungs outside a radio station, holding up banners and posters. They were blocking the road, cars were honking but they refused to move.

They were blocking her way to school.

“Oh You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Lily muttered to herself. Gripping her bag and camera closer to herself, she prepared herself for some sort of war and marched forwards, ready to push through these obviously mental girls, she thought.

“Excuse me!” She shouted at one girl who was screaming at the building. Her small frame helped to push her way through the crowd, avoiding the jumping ones for fear of getting punched or trodden on.

They were screaming in her ear, ignoring the small girl pushing her way through, Liliana's ears began to ring. She could see a gap in the group and she dived for it, sighing and gasping for needed breath as she broke into freedom.

Checking her watch she saw that she would be late anyway, so why even bother trying anymore. 

And Anyway She thought Most of those girls are in my school. 

Ducking around into an alley way, she searched through her bag, suddenly having a very powerful urge to smoke. She dragged the packet of 'low tar' cigarettes and slipped one out of its casing, taking it away from its cancer-inducing brothers. She scrambled through her bag for a lighter, but with no anvil.

“Shit Fuck. This is not my day.” She groaned, fixing her satchel over her shoulder, and placing her camera inside. She held the cigarette still in her hand, as if thinking she could somehow produce fire with her frustration - but there was no need for that. Smelling the inviting smell of smoke, she turned her head and saw a man, his back facing her, smoking a beautiful cigarette.

“Excuse Me!” She shouted, rushing down the alley way. She saw him freeze with surprise, but ignored it. 

“Excuse Me?!” She said again. He turned around and watched her approach with almost annoyance.

She stopped in front of him and smiled politely. “Do you have a lighter?” She asked, indicating to her unlit cigarette.

He paused before smiling with relief, some she didn't really understand, but he produced a lighter from his back pocket and handed it to her almost enthusiastically. 

Quickly flicking the lighter on, she admired the flame for a miller-second before bringing it up to the cigarette which was now in her mouth. 

Inhaling deeply, she moaned “Sweet Mother of Jesus” before exhaling. Finally relieved from her craving. She smiled at the man next to her, noting his crooked smile as she passed the lighter back to him. He looked at her weirdly, his eyebrow raised before shrugging his shoulders and putting the lighter back in his pocket. 

Taking a drag from his own heaven stick, he spoke for the first time.

“Aren't you a bit young to be smoking?”

Liliana looked at him quizzically for a second, taking in his looks for once. He was - she must admit- pretty damn fit

Defending herself she said “Hey, I'm older than I look”

He raised an eyebrow. watching her as she inhaled the smoke once again and expelling it through her nose.

“Okay, that was a lie.” She paused, “But technically it's still legal for me to smoke.” tapping away the cherry of the cigarette she looked at the boy, taking in his reaction.

“Oh Really, and how old are you?” He laughed, stamping out his cigarette on the floor, standing there with his hands in his jacket.

“17 of course.” she laughed, inhaling the essence of all things good.

She heard him chuckle slightly, “I'm Zayn” he introduced, holding out a hand. 

She shook it firmly, introducing herself as “Liliana.” Before she watched him walk off into the building, waving a short goodbye to the stranger in the alley.

“That was weird,” she muttered to herself, finishing off the cigarette. 

Stamping it out with her shoe, she slumped her way back down the alley. Hearing an explosion of screams and cries as the people/person the hoards of girls were waiting for left the building. 

Looking back slightly, Liliana sighed before making her way back down the street at a much slower pace towards collage. 

She needed that smoke. 

She got to school half an hour late, which wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be. Stepping into her art class, she saw no one - but the teacher, was there.

“Good Morning Miss?” She said as she entered, causing Miss Castro to flip around and in her eccentric way shout out “Liliana! Thank Goodness one of my pupils has arrived.”

“Uh? Where is everyone?” She asked the obvious question.

“There is apparently a band which is more important than school. I believe it might've been first battalion, or one way, or something.”

“Yes, I think I got caught up in the mess, if’s the reason I'm late miss.”

“Ah Yes. Well carry on with your project Liliana. I shan't bother you.”

Miss Castro soon glided off, leaving Lily to sorting through her many photos of sceneries, attempting to piece them together in some elegant manner.

Slipping her phone from her pocket, she quickly tapped a message to her best friend, wondering where she was. Surely she one of those screaming girls, she thought - well prayed. 

Within a matter of minutes she got a text saying:

Was just Screaming at my favourite band.

Will be next to you soon.



She was one of those screaming girls. Sighing at her friend, Liliana got back to work. Impatiently waiting for Cathy to arrive. 

Cathy was a strange girl, with platinum blonde hair in the largest of ringlets stopping at her waist and the biggest blue eyes anyone would see. She wore whatever she wanted and didn't care what people thought - though Liliana thought that she wasn't even aware that she was dressing strangely. She even wore a onsie with a skirt one day.

Liliana was also weird, it was sort of how they connected, but not as nearly as concerning as Cathy. Lily was just openly weird, loud and loved a good laugh and had a very mischievous nature. She had dark blonde- almost brown hair waving down the middle of her back and the greenest eyes anyone would see. 

Continuing with her project in the small room which Liliana and Cathy had to their selves, Lily patiently waited for her strange friends return. She didn't have to wait long, within ten minutes Cathy danced through the door twirling on her toes. 

“Good Morning,” She sang, her blonde hair curling around her face. She gracefully fell into her seat next to Liliana and smiled at her friend, her eyes closed showing her long black lashes and smoky eye shadow. 

[ ]

“And where were you?” Liliana asked, eyeing her friend suspiciously.

“I told you, I was screaming at my favourite band.” She said, pulling out her art project and laying it on the table in front of her. 

“And who are they then?” Lily asked, moving around a couple pictures to make it look like a better transition.

“One Direction love. Do you not listen to me at all?” She didn't say it accusingly, just in more of a matter-of-fact tone. 

Lily sheepishly ducked her head. “Yeah, well I almost got trampled by your crowd.”

“Then you shouldn't have tried to get through the crowd then, surely.” Cathy smiled, picking out a pencil its casing to continue drawing. 

She sniffed the air nonchalantly before turning around sharply towards Lily. Lily looked shocked at Cathy, her eyes wide with confusion.

“You Smoked!” Cathy almost screamed at her friend. Causing Lily to look down sheepishly for the second time that day and sigh appropriately. 

“I was stressed by girls screaming in my ear.” She put the blame on her friend. 

“Do you want to die?” Cathy accused. 

Lily wasn't sure whether Cathy was hinting towards the smoking killing her, or Cathy herself, but shook her head otherwise.

“There is never an excuse to smoke. Do you understand me Lily?”

Liliana once again nodded her head, looking down at her project to avoid making eye contact with her friend.

Cathy grumbled, looking back to her own project before sniffing once again.

“You were swearing as well weren't you?” She said in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“How the hell do you know that?” Lily looked shocked at her friend, wondering where this new power had come from.

“I didn't, but I do now.” She said smugly, smiling to herself as she carried on drawing. 

Lily turned back around, her mouth still open with shock. “God you're stressful.” She laughed, holding a hand to her forehead with exhaustion.

“That's why you love me.” Cathy grinned up at her friend. 

Laughing to herself, the tension in the room was soon released and the girls got back to talking, savouring their last day of collage.

Cathy was strongly against her friend smoking, which was understandable considering it did damage your lungs, yet she made sure to make it clear to Liliana how strongly against it. She just didn't want her friend suffering.

There was only one occasion when Cathy allowed her friend to smoke, when she finally ran away from her parents. It helped her to calm down Cathy supposed. 

Cathy now lived with Liliana in their own apartment, paid for by Cathy's parents - who were off travelling the world, convenient for the two girls as it meant they had no authoritative figure and could basically do what they pleased. 

Cathy usually left for school before Lily did, so it wasn't unusual for themselves wondering of the others whereabouts from time to time.

The final bell of the day rang and Cathy and Lily made their way out of the screaming teenagers - ready for summer. 

“I'm going to go rent a DVD okay Cath, I won't be long.” Lily smiled, pushing Cathy off into the opposite direction.

Cathy said a vague “Okay” before skipping off.

“Put Some Popcorn on!” Lily shouted earning a thumbs up from Cathy as she walked off.

Lily sighed when she was alone, laughing slightly to herself at Cathy - she didn't know what she'd do without that girl. 

The movie rental was quite a walk, but Lily didn't mind. She watched the sky turn from the brightest of blues to a pinkish hue. 

Clouds began to gather and small droplets of rain fell from the sky, touching on Lily's skin and hair. She smiled at the sky, welcoming the refreshing water. 

Most Girls would cower away from the rain, or curse over the fact that they were foolish enough not to bring a hoody or coat. Yet Lily enjoyed the change, not worrying that her hair was going to stick to her face, and her mascara run, suppose that's what makes me so strange to other girls,she thought to herself.

She ran the final steps to the store, now dripping wet. The automatic doors opened up to her and she immediately walked towards the kids section after wiping her feet on the mat they conveniently placed out her customers. She picked up the movie she'd had a craving to watch for a while now.

Toy Story 3.

Sure, she'd seen it before, but she'd had the urge and Lily had learnt long ago to act on your urges.

Holding it triumphantly in her hand she heard a groan of frustration behind her, and turning around was met with a boy with dirty blonde hair which curled slightly at his fringe.

“Can I help you?” Lily asked, eyeing the boy suspiciously.

“I was going to get that?” He whined, indicating to the DVD she held in her hand, the last one on the shelf.

She raised an eyebrow, grinning slightly.

“F- For my little sister obviously.” he stuttered, placing his hands in his jacket pockets and looking sheepishly at the floor.

“Oh!” She commented “Well this is for me so I obviously deserve it more.” She smiled at the boy, beginning to walk off towards the checkout.

“Wait? You like Toy Story?” He grinned, his eyes slightly widened with shock.

“Duh.” She said monotone.

“Thank god! Someone who is sane!” The boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up as if praising an unknown higher power. 

Lily laughed at his actions. 

“Never been called Sane before.” She laughed, watching as he dropped his hands. 

“Weird one are you?” He asked cheekily.

“And Proud, love” She winked, smiling at the boy. He was a good looking Toy Story fan she defended herself.

“Liam,” He introduced, holding out a hand which Lily took graciously. 

“Lily,” She commented back, holding the DVD well away from him. “And in no way are you getting this off me,” She laughed before walking off. 

“I wasn't-”

“Sure Sure.” She interrupted. 

She heard him chuckle as she paid and when she turned around he was gone. 

Smiling to herself, Lily walked out the store, her newly rented DVD safe from the rain in a plastic bag and she sauntered home a new energy in her walk - finally someone who is sane. 


Lily opened the door to her apartment and was met by blankets, popcorn and hot chocolate. 

“I thought we'd have a sleepover.” Cathy said when she entered. Cathy was wearing a blue onsie and black uggs, her hair tied up in a ponytail. She was watching a documentary it seemed like.

“But we live together,” Liliana said confused, an eyebrow raised slightly.

“Yeah, but ignore that factor.” Cathy laughed.

Lily sauntered into her room and tied her wet hair into a bun. Stripping off her wet clothes and discarding them on her bed, she got into her pyjamas and went back into the living room, collapsing on the sofa next to Cathy. 

Cathy seemed engrossed in the documentary, vaguely listening; Lily heard “One Direction” from the TV and shouted “THATS THE BAND YOU LIKE.” Proudly, to prove to Cathy that she does listen... sometimes.

Cathy patted her head in acknowledgment. “Well Done Pixie.”

Lily grumbled and collected her rented DVD from the bag, putting it into the player and switching off the documentary - much to the annoyance of Cathy. 

Toy Story began to play, and eating the popcorn the girls gossiped with the noise from Toy Story in the background. 

It was growing late, and Cathy had fallen into a slumber on the sofa. Snoring slightly and dribbling onto the cushion underneath her head. Lily remained watching toy Story, eating her popcorn without taking her eyes from the screen. That was until huge bounds of laughter and bangs came from upstairs. 

She attempted to ignore it.

But then singing and booming laughter began.

“How dare they interrupt toy story.” She growled at the ceiling.

When the noise didn't subside, Lily got up grumbling, deciding to complain. It was midnight after all.

Slipping on a pair of boot slippers, Lily - in her short pyjamas, white tank top and grey cardigan, marched her way upstairs and knocked three times on the door of the apartment directly above them - 15C.

She heard someone walked towards the door and an attractive boy with curly hair and green eyes opened the door “Louis what took you so-” He stopped abruptly when he saw it wasn't 'Louis' answering the door.

“Nice Pyjamas” Lily commented, eyeing his blue button up top and trousers which were covered with picture of cats.

“Yeah uh-.” He ran a hand over the back of his neck with nerves.

“It seems you've just moved in upstairs. I had this understanding with the neighbours upstairs that they were you know- were quiet. D'ya think you can respect that.” She smiled mockingly.

“Such big words from a small lady.” He seemed to forget the embarrassment of the pyjamas and sank into a comfortable composure - one where he was obviously a flirt.

“Shut Your Face. I'm petite!” She defended herself, getting a comment on her size a lot in her life.

“Nice to meet you Petite, I'm Harry.” He chuckled holding out a hand. She eyed it warily before grabbing it and introducing herself as “Liliana.”

“What was that Petite?” He mocked, winking.

Shouts could be heard from further inside the apartment “Harry what's taking so long” and “Don't tell me you and Lou finally admitted your love for one another.” A wave of laughter followed that comment. 

“As if I'd abandon you Niall” Harry shouted back, joining in with the taunts. 

He gained some laughter after that.

“Well Yeah,” Lily said, gaining his attention once again, “D'you mind keeping it down. My friend is sleeping down there and I want to watch my movie.”

Harry nodded and smiled. 

Lily thanked him and walked off back towards the stairs. “See you later Petite.” He chuckled at his own joke before closing the door behind him.

Lily sighed and walked down the stairs and into her apartment - what was with all these new people. She thought to herself.

When she got back into the apartment, Cathy was in the middle of crawling her way towards her bedroom to sleep. 

Lily giggled quietly at Cathy’s pathetic attempt at moving before she collapsed back into the sofa and watched the last few minutes Toy Story. 

She didn’t remember the end, but she woke up in the middle of the night with the Main Menu flashing at her with her head lopsided on the sofa.

Groaning, she got up, turning off the television and shuffling towards her bedroom before collapsing on the bed. 

Tomorrow was Saturday, which meant the day to herself - Cathy was job hunting.

What would she do?



Lily woke up the next morning, her light from her open curtains blinding her eyes and warming up her room.

Groaning, she checked the time - realising she’d slept right into the afternoon: 1:30.

She rolled out of bed and crawled her way to the shower, switching it on and enjoying the refreshing liquid rolling down her back and hair.

After towel drying her body, she put on her clothes for the day, the same shorts and boots (She couldn’t be bothered searching for more clothes) but a red top with tassels falling around her body. [ ]

Grabbing what little money she had in her purse, Lily made her way down the stairs of the apartment and out the door. It was technically lunch, so making a quick decision; she chose to go to Nandos. Her favourite restaurant and not completely disgusting after just waking up. 

She entered the restaurant and was met with a pretty cramped space – apparently a lot of people, teenagers, chose to lunch at Nandos that day. Lily would’ve left, but after smelling the inviting chicken she couldn’t bare leaving the place.

Ordering her food she quickly grabbed the last table in the place, claiming it by stuffing her bags in the chair next to her.  

Diving straight into her chicken and lettuce wrap with spicy sauce, she moaned as the food ran down her throat, tickling her taste buds.

I love food.  She thought aimlessly, admiring the wrap in front of her.

A scraping of chairs could be heard in front of her, and idly looking up she saw a boy with blonde spikey hair sit down in front of her – on my table with food of his own.

“Yes?” She asked confused after a few second of looking weirdly at this boy.

“Sorry, there was nowhere else to sit, and I'm sort of hungry.” He defended, chomping down on some chicken of his own which was covered in hot yellow sauce.

“Then yes you may sit down” she said sarcastically. Motioning at the seat he was sitting in. She would’ve let him sit down if he asked before hand.

“Sorry, Hunger is hunger.” He said,  munching once again.

“Amen to that” Lily commented, stuffing the remainder of the wrap in her awaiting mouth.

The boy opposite looked at her with a sort of weird appreciation.

She began to feel self-conscious, “What?” She snapped.

“Oh, nothing. Sorry just I find girls can’t usually eat like that in front of other people.” He said, eyeing her almost empty plate.

“Why should I abandon heaven for a stranger?” She asked, indicating to the remaining chips on her plate.

“Good Point. I’m Niall.” He held his hand out for her to shake, which she did – having a lot of experience with shaking hands now.

“Liliana.” She introduced, standing up from her place after sipping the last of her drink. “See you later Niall,” She smiled as she walked out the restaurant.

Looking around once outside, she could see a hoard of girls pressing their faces up against the window of Nandos. 

Lily, wondering what on earth was happening, went up to one of the girls and asked what was going on.

“It’s rumoured that One Direction are going here for lunch.” One of the girls squealed. Rolling her eyes, Lily walked off in the opposite direction – poor boys. She laughed. 

Fame is fame. She supposed before strolling off through the many streets of London.

The day was drawing to an inevitable close. Liliana had spent the day wandering through shops and buying only a few things - but it was a day well spend.

Smiling to herself, she was making her way home when she had the most precious view meet her eyes. The sun, slowly dipping behind a tall skyscraper of one of the offices, the sky behind turning a light pink. Grinning to herself, Lily delicately- but swiftly, took her camera from its case and held it up to the building. Just when she took the picture, a group of boys stepped in front of the view, obstructing the image which was now saved onto her camera.

Groaning at her luck. She marched towards the group and tapped the one closest to her on the shoulder, holding her camera tightly in one of her hands. The man turned and she was met with a very  attractive boy. His brown hair swept over her forehead and he has a smile plastered on his face, which was very infectious. He was wearing a white and black striped top and a pair of red chinos and toms.

Yet that didn’t distract her… completely.

“Excuse me, but you're sort of in the way of my-” Pausing slightly she took in the rest of the group, and lost her angry train on thought. “Hey, I know you.” She pointed towards a boy with a black quiff hairstyle - the guy who offered her the lighter. “And You.” The Toy Story Guy, “And you two.” She pointed towards the one who lived upstairs to her and the guy she had met that day at Nandos.

“Oh God,” She groaned “Please don't tell me you're starting a stalking party or something” She stepped away, but they obviously knew she was joking.

Each of the boys - with their own significant way, laughed. The new one ( the one she hadn’t yet officially met) was staring at Lily confused, before looking at the rest of the boys he was with.

“How would that work since I don't actually know you.” He said cheekily, grinning slightly as he made quite a valid point.

“Maybe you're the best stalker, one I'm not aware of.” She winked, earning an outburst of laughter from the rest of the boys. She wasn’t sure why they found it that funny, but enjoyed the weird way each of them laughed.

But the laughter didn’t last long. It was soon interrupted by a very girly and high pitched scream, followed by hundreds of others.

“Oh Shit.” Harry, if I remember his name correctly, looked genuinely terrified.

“What the-?” Liliana began, but was interrupted when she got swept up with the 5 boys by two burly men. They were hustling them into a huge blacked window car, and she was unfortunately -or fortunately stuck in the middle of the group. She could hear the screams of girl wanting some of Harry's 'gravy' or throwing carrots at the limo as the door viscously shut behind them.

The car began to move, and the boys looked behind them, through the windows to get a better view of the masses of girl throwing themselves at the car in a vein attempt to see them. None of them had notice Liliana looking confused out the window with them, before inspecting the large car, its splendour screaming out at her.

“You know what?” All five pairs of eyes stared at her with a shocked sense of panic, “I approve of this kidnap.” Liliana said, nodding her head appreciatively before sinking into the leather seats of the car, pushing her feet up onto the seats opposite her.


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