She Called Me The Devil's Daughter...

Lilith Naamah a 15 year old girl who goes to a high school called Myth High. She is quite low and stay to herself her brother is quite the opposite of her and her best friend thinks she is the Devils Daughter. Lilith is always quite secretive and knows a massive secret about the school. Will anyone ever figure out?


1. The Time Has Come.

Ugh. Back to school another day another fail, I sat in the corner at the back of the class sighing to myself as my best-bud Shannon McWrith would come with her fancy clothes on her. My long silky black tied back hair hung down my back, as I pushed my fake-nerdy glasses up my face. I looked across to Shannon her short blonde hair hung neatly in a hair sprayed bun.

The teacher, Mr M. came waltzing into the room scraping his long black fingernails across the board and well since I would technically the Devil's daughter I simply flicked my fingers and a ball of fire appeared in my hands. I flung it at Mr M. he turned around to me glaring showing of his sparkling fangs  , he'd know who I am and not bother to give me detention. A boy sitting infront of me would turn around, he'd have bouncing locks of black hair,stunning fangs and ghost white skin...



End of chapter 1.

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