She Called Me The Devil's Daughter...

Lilith Naamah a 15 year old girl who goes to a high school called Myth High. She is quite low and stay to herself her brother is quite the opposite of her and her best friend thinks she is the Devils Daughter. Lilith is always quite secretive and knows a massive secret about the school. Will anyone ever figure out?


2. Nervous.

The boy would suddenly talk, i'd bite my bottum lip looking towards his eyes. "Nice throw" he'd say, I'd smile "Thanks, you're new arn't you?" "Yes, Names Jason" I'd hold my hand out, the teacher would just carry on with the class "Lilith, Or commonly known as the Devils Daughter." "Well i'm commonly known as "The dark kid, mainly because im a vampire." Mr M. would spot us he'd snap but the boy would just turn back around and we'd continue the lesson as normal. 

-1 Hr Later-

Shannon would turn around to face me, i'd yawn the boy would take my hand pulling me of the seat. My hair would turn a light red colour everyone would raise there eyebrows no-one would of ever saw this colour not even Shannon. We'd both walk out Jason at one side Shannon at the other. Jason would look towards Shannon, he'd be hungry licking his lips. Shannon would cast a spell around her to stop him even trying to bite her. "Try me Boy" "Oo, Fi-sty are we?" they'd both be talking to each other angry i'd ignore the both continuing on down the hall to the next class.

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