I'll Just Hurt You...

Casey always hurts the people she gets close to... When she meets One Direction and starts to fall for one of the world-wide super stars, will this change? Or will she just have to let go so she can't harm him…?


3. What happens between us, stays between us.

             Casey's POV 

            After we eat dinner, we decide to watch a movie. "So what movie are we watching?" I ask, questioningly.  "TOY STORY!!!!!" Liam yells, right in my ear.  "NO!!!!! PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4!!!!" Louis yells, across the room. "Yeah!!!!!" All the guys yell in unison.  Oh my word. I HATE scary movies!!! They start the movie and Liam wraps his arm around me.. I kinda shrug his arm off my shoulder and scoot closer to Zayn, so I'm in the middle, not closer to one than the other.  I feel Zayn's hand on my knee, that the hells wrong with these boys?!?!?!  I push his hand off my knee, slide off the couch, and sit on the floor.  I cannot believe I already said I would sleep over.  I wish that is could just go home, wait... I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOH! "Umm, sorry guys. I gotta go. I forgot that my mom asked me to babysit from 10p.m.-12 a.m. and I cant stay. I'm sorry bye guys!" I hop up and run to the guest room and grab my bag off the bed. I run out of the room, right into a rock hard chest of an unknown male.  "Umm, sorry. I'm gonna just walk around you." I try to walk around whoever it is, without looking at his face. "Look, Casey I know you are lying." I hear that not so familiar Irish accent. "Sorry, Niall. I cant stay, cause I cant take Liam and Zayn, both trying to get with me, or whatever they are trying to do!!!" I shout and immediately regret yelling at the cutie with the blue eyes, "I'm so sorry for yelling Niall!!!" I bite my lip. "Listen, we need to talk. Lets just sit in here and talk." He grabs my wrist and pulls me along with him. I push the door shut with my free hand.  We  sit on the bed and start to talk. "So, why would you think they are trying to, ya know....?" Niall said in that cute little Irish accent of his... "Well, first Liam kinda put his arm around me, then I kind a pushed it off and scooted away, being closer to Zayn and he put his hand on my knee. That both freaked me out and I got scared of being with anyone."  I just poured everything out to him... "Listen, Love, its okay that it scared you!!! Its okay if you don't want to be with anyone, but still please stay the night.  I'll hang out with you till all the guys are asleep so nothing will happen." Niall smirked. "Thanks Niall." I smile and try to ignore the little audience inside my head chanting 'kiss him kiss him kiss him!!!' "Okay, well we can move to my room instead, I have a TV in there. " he suggests and I nod. We get up and walk to the door and open it. We are greeted by 4 guys listening to our little conversation... "Hey, umm we were jus-" I am interrupted by Zayn pressing his soft lips directly onto mine. I push at his chest and finally shove him away from me. "DUDE!!!!!" I scream in his face. "Sorry..." he looks down at his feet and Its easy to tell he is sorry about it. I completely ignore what Niall and I just spoke about and I push my through the guys and run through the front door, out into my car and drive back home to my flat. I finally get home about 15 minutes later.


        Liam's POV

       Seeing Zayn kiss Casey hurt, even if I just met her... Even if I barely know her. I need to talk to her. 'To: Casey<3; Hey Casey. I think we should talk, I'm sorry if me putting my arm around you scared you. I'm sorry Zayn kissed you. Can I have your address, just incase I wanna come check on you.' Send.  I walk to my room, shut, and lock the door behind me.  I wait for a while for a reply, when I feel my phone vibrate. look down and read her reply. 'From: Casey; Hey, umm I really don't want to see any of you, but if you want to drop by my address is (address here) as long as you promise you WON'T bring ANY of the other guys!!!!' I smile at the fact that she wouldn't mind seeing me. 'Okay, I will be there in about 15 mins. See ya!' I dash out of the house and run into my car. After a 15 minute drive I finally got to what I assumed was her flat. I get outta the car and walk up the walk way to the front door. I knock on the door and hear "Come in, its unlocked." I open the door and walk into the elegant flat. I see her, bawled up on the sofa. "Hey, you okay?" I ask sitting down next to her on the sofa. "I-I-I'm fine.... Can I have a hug, please?" she tries to act normal. I wrap her in my arms and she just snaps. I feel my shirt getting soaked, but I really don't care cause this feels sooooo right.  "What happens between us, stays between us. Okay?" She leans back and looks in my eyes. I take the chance and lean in , closing the space between us, connecting our lips. I kissed her and she kissed me right back without pushing me away....

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