I'll Just Hurt You...

Casey always hurts the people she gets close to... When she meets One Direction and starts to fall for one of the world-wide super stars, will this change? Or will she just have to let go so she can't harm him…?


1. Love at first sight? Hah!

Casey's POV

I walked into the photo shoot adjusting my camera to Manual Focus, preparing myself for whatever conceited celebrity I'd have to take pictures of today. I looked up and sawOne Direction.... I wouldn't say I was a so called 'directioner' but I do like their music.  "Okay, smile. No silly faces or any peace signs or anything like that." I said, voice surprisingly booming. *snap* *snap**snap* I took 3 photos so if someone had their eyes shut or something I'd have a better picture. "Okay, now silly faces." Voice strong still. Unaffected by their fame. *snap**snap**snap* .....


Liam's POV

She was so.....Unaffected by us. Well she does deal with famous people and that stuff everyday. She is a photographer... But she could be a model too... Her long curly dirty blonde hair was about in the middle of her shoulder blades and I swear if she was wearing make-up she shouldn't be... Woah... Dani and I just broke up and I'm already feeling this... Is it love at first sight...? Hah! No just some crush. Stop Liam. Stop. "Hey umm what's your name?" Niall asked. "Casey. My names Casey, Niall. " oh she knows us!!!! Of course she does... UGHHH stop Liam!! "Hey so what are ya doing tonight? You could come hang with us. You seem pretty cool..." Harry winks eh heck no!

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