I'll Just Hurt You...

Casey always hurts the people she gets close to... When she meets One Direction and starts to fall for one of the world-wide super stars, will this change? Or will she just have to let go so she can't harm him…?


2. Dinner and maybe a sleepover...

Casey's POV

Wait... Did they just invite me to hang out with them? Cool. " I don't have any plans, so if you're asking if I'd love to hang out with you guys." I smirk and all the guys grin really widely... "Awesome!!!!" Niall says and hands me a slip of paper. I unfold it and see 5 phone numbers with the guys names scrawled out beside them. "Text all of us so we have your number and one of us will text or call you so you know where to come and what time." Niall smiles widely... I pull out my iPhone and enter all their numbers in it and text them 'Hey it's Casey.'  "Okay, well see ya then. Bye guys." I walk into the editing room and stick the memory card In my work laptop and look at the photos... Wow, they really are beautiful boys... I think to myself and slap myself in the forehead. Stop Casey!! No remember last time.... Shawn wasn't such a good idea, you almost got him killed... and you can't change that... Ever. Okay well now enough about that.... 'beep beep beep!' well looks like someone texted me... 'One new message: Liam Payne; Hey Casey. I'm glad you and I met... Umm well we are just meeting up at the group flat that we share. Umm meet here (address) at 5 o'clock. See ya then.' I smile ' To: Liam Payne; Okay I'll be there at 5 o'clock and I'm glad we met too. Bye' Send.  Wow...  Oh crap!!! It's 4:15!  I rush outta the editing room, then through the studio and out into the parking lot. I unlock my red Jeep and open my door. After I got to my apartment and rushed inside...  I change into dark blue skinny jeans, a red tank top, a loose unbuttoned button up shirt, and converse. I brush through my curly hair and grab my messenger bag and shove my phone, camera, laptop, and my sketch book. 4:45 perfect. I look at the address one more time and realize it's the same area my best friend, Ben, lives. I drive the roads, which I could probably drive with my eyes shut, and pull up to the flat and check my clock. 4:59 Perfect timing. I get outta the Jeep and walk up the path to the flat. 'knock knock knock' "Its Casey." the door swings open and I see Harry... Shirtless... I look past the grinning Harry and see all the guys piled  up on the sofas,bean bag chair and on the floor, staring at a large TV. " Hey guys! It's Casey." Harry shouts." Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Quick question, DO YOU LIKE CARROTS?!" Louis asks, "Yes, Lou-Lou. I LOVE carrots!!" I smile and laugh at the question.


Liam's POV

When she called Louis Lou-Lou I died of laughter and then when she laughed, oh the way she laughs... Ugh when I fall, I fall. Hard.  Wow... I get up and walk over to Casey, "Hey ummm so would you like me to show you around?"  I smile "Sure, I'd love that."  I take her by the hand and she wriggles her hand out of mine. Too soon. I walk down the hall way and point to each of our rooms and tell them whose is whose and then show her the guest room and the guest bathroom... "Hey you could stay the night if you'd like, in the guest room of course." I suggest. " Umm I guess, but you'll have to talk to the other guys to see how they feel about it." She adds. "Okay, well I don't have to cause it was Harry's idea, but I think he had the thought that you'd actually be sleeping in his room..." I mentally slap myself. Ugh why would you say that? "Ugh what is up with that guy? If I'd date any of you guys, It'd be..." She laughed again "Never mind.." again... That damn laugh.

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