The way the future will be

This story will be about the way i believe that the future will be...i would love to here what you all think the future will be like....


3. The Second Letter

                                                          Dear Reader,

 I am now writing the second letter that you will receive from the year 2056. In the last letter i ended with talking about the 'Perfect' race of humans. We don't like to fight, but we are properly trained in the field if we are ever in a situation and it is needed. We also have a ball on our sixteenth year of life were we are sapost to meet our 'Soul' mates(as the higher ranks call it) we all wear necklaces with a very unique color  and if you see someone with the same color you will be paired with them...but if there is no one their with the same color it means that your pair is most likely in the past...Which has lead me to the letters. I was at the ball and i had my necklaces on. The color was a bright neon blue in the shape of a diamond.  I walked around when finally i looked at every guys necklace twice maybe three times until i finally realize that he is not there....and the higher rank leads me to a private room probably because she felt sorry for me. She sat me in a chair and said,"Im not sapost to do this but i will do it for you..because you look so sad..i want you to write five letters..not at the same time though, and give them to me. I will send them in the past to your perfect pair. I will make sure he gets them. I promise.." My eyes began to fill up with tears and i told her,"Thank you!" This is part of my story... the part im am willing to tell for now.

                                                        Until my next letter,

                                                   Ally Brown


          I began to cry when i finished the second letter. I let the tears fall for what seemed like hours. I though to myself,"I haft to get the letter to the high rank for transportation before the day ends." I get up and walk out my front door and get in the transporter. I pressed a small brown button that say,'City Hall,' it zooms me all the way downtown to a fountain lined with benches. The benches are made of a fine white marble, so smooth that you feel like you float on air when you sit on them. I sit on a bench until I see the high rank and hand her the letter. I tell her,"Thank you. I am very grateful for this."She replies with,"I would do it in a heartbeat again." I smile and ask," How will i receive a  letter from him?" She smiles a really soft smile and calmly replies,"I will take care of that, don't worry. I will make sure you get a letter back." As quickly as she came she was gone. Gone in a flash.

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