The way the future will be

This story will be about the way i believe that the future will be...i would love to here what you all think the future will be like....


4. Received

                 I'm laying in my bed thinking about Ally Brown. It seems that every time  I look to my nightstand the only thing i can think about is the letter i have received from her. I pick up her note and begin to look at it slowly. Then, out of no where i hear a deep buzzing sound and i look towards my nightstand and another letter appeared.  The only thing i can comprehend from this letter is the last line about the necklaces....and if what she says it right....then I'M her PAIR.It reads:


                       We all wear necklaces with a very unique color  and if you see someone with the same color you will be paired with them...but if there is no one their with the same color it means that your pair is most likely in the past...Which has lead me to the letters.


                      I think to myself. How can this be? I don't even no her. All these letters can be a figment of my imagination. I sit down at my desk and start to right my response letter.

                                              Dear Ally,

              I understand what you are saying to and extent. I don't no how this is possible that I am getting your letters. I have a few questions that I need to ask you. How are you surviving under so much control? Do you have anything that you are able to control?Do you have any Private moments? Is anything ever kept to yourself? I am willing to do anything that will help you to be safe from the harm you may face while writing these letters.

                                                  The Past,

                                         Cole Valour

           I was beyond shocked that I was able to write those words so easily. I expected that it would be one of the hardest things I could ever do but turned out being one of the easiest. I was ready to fight for her... and I think..Why am i willing to fight for a girl i don't even no?  I have no idea but i'm willing  to try to the best of my abilities.

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