The way the future will be

This story will be about the way i believe that the future will be...i would love to here what you all think the future will be like....


1. My Decisions

                                                                                                                        Dear Reader,

                                                 I hope you can understand what i am about to tell you..... I come form the year 2056.  I will send you a total of 5 letters...letters that will tell you what life is like in 2056. The society that controls us, the people have decided to take control of everything...WHAT we eat,WHEN we sleep,WHO we love, HOW we spend our every day lives, But for you reader....for you to understand....i haft to tell you my story...... my name is Ally..Ally Br-----


                                                As I was writing the letter i got side tracked by a loud noise they distracted from completion of the letter. I get up to go see what is was that i herd. I walk to the area were i herd the noise and realized it was just my mom parking her flying transporter. I should be use to it but for some reason it just feels wrong.


                                               My name is Ally...Ally Brown. Our society controls all our actions. They monitor us through chips they insert in our arms. From the time that we were born they new when we would die, were we would work, who we would love, and what form of education we will have. It all started after War World 3. The war wiped out most of the human population, but a few survived and reproduced. They decided to make a perfect race of humans. A community were the people choose which turned into a community were people of a higher rank decided on how people should live and when they should die. ......

                                                                                                             Until next time,

                                                                                                                       Ally Brown




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