One Direction and Pokémon

So this will be a Fanfiction that has two of my favorite things. One Direction and Pokémon. It will be taking place in the Hoenn region. I'm gonna write a Fanfiction about all of them but I'm starting Zayn and Niall because they're my favorite members. But Zayn will be training a Mudkip and Niall will be training a Vulpix.


1. Receiving the Pokémon

It was March 19, 2013 in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region and today, our Pokémon trainers will be getting their first Pokémon. One of these two trainers is Zayn Malik, age 20, Medium height with black hair in the style of a quiff. He's dressed in a blue and white baseball cap with a Pokéball on it, a black T-shirt with a black and white hoodie over it, and light blue jeans. The other one is Niall Horan. Age 19 and is slightly shorter than Zayn. He has blond hair also in a quiff and is wearing a blueT-shirt with dark blue jeans.

       "ZAYN! ZAYN! WE'RE HERE!" Niall yelled excitedly.

       "I know! This is gonna be great! Today we're finally gonna be Pokémon trainers!" Zayn squealed also excited as they walked into the Pokémon Lab. 

       "Wow! Look at this place," Niall said gazing at all the stuff surrounding them. "Pokémon, super computers, and all this cool stuff. This is gonna be amazing." 

        "Oh hello." A short plump man said walking over to Zayn and Niall. "I'm professor Birch. I believe you two are Zayn and Niall." 

        "Yup." They said together.

         "Well come on, lets go get your Pokémon!" Birch said leading Zayn and Niall into a different room with 5 Pokéballs sitting on the table.

         "The first Pokéball is a Charmander, the second Pokéball was a Cyndaquill, the third one is a Vulpix, the fourth one is a Mudkip, and the last one is a Squirtle." Birch said pointing to the Pokéballs. Zayn and Niall walked over and decided.

        "Zayn, you pick first because your the oldest." He said

         "Ok." He said. "Hmmm. Mudkip! I choose you! Zayn finally said. 

          "Vulpix! I choose you!" Niall said shortly after Zayn.

          "I've always wanted a Swampert after I learned about them." Zayn said grinning at his new companion. 

          "I've always wanted a Ninetails, they're so pretty and majestic. Niall said also grinning at his Pokéball.

          "You two seem happy with your choices." Birch said. 

          "We sure are. Thank you Professor." Niall said.

          "Your welcome young man. But before you guys go, you need some Pokéballs and a Pokédex. Birch said. 

          "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" Zayn said.

          "Well it's a good thing I remembered. Here you guys go." Birch said and gave Zayn and Niall six Pokéballs each and they both revived a Pokédex. 

          "Thank you." Niall said and then they were off and started on their great adventure with Pokémon at their side.

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