One Direction and Pokémon

So this will be a Fanfiction that has two of my favorite things. One Direction and Pokémon. It will be taking place in the Hoenn region. I'm gonna write a Fanfiction about all of them but I'm starting Zayn and Niall because they're my favorite members. But Zayn will be training a Mudkip and Niall will be training a Vulpix.


2. First battle

    "Alright Niall, lets have our first battle together." Zayn said in front of his house with a wide grin on his face. He reached to his belt and called out Mudkip. 

   "Mudkip!" Mudkip yelled ready to battle.

    "Even though mine is a fire type and has a disadvantage to your water type, I will take on this challenge. Come on out Vulpix!" Niall eagerly yelled reaching into his backpack pulling out Vulpixs' Pokéball and the small fire fox appeared onto the small battle field. 

   "Vulpix!" Vulpix yelled also ready to battle with his new friend/rival Mudkip. 

   "Niall, you can go first because your younger and have a disadvantage." Zayn told him.

   "Okay then. Vulpix. Use bite!" Niall commanded. 

   "Vulpix!" Vulpix responded and went to bite Mudkip.

   "Mudkip!" Zayn yelled. Vulpix bit Mudkip but it didn't do too much damage because Mudkip was also 4 levels higher then the level one Vulpix.

   "Alright our turn Mudkip. Use water gun!" Zayn commanded to Mudkip. Mudkip ran forward and used water gun. Mudkip hit Vulpix hard and Vulpix fainted. 

   "Nice battle Zayn. You and your Mudkip did very well." Said Niall complimenting Zayn and Mudkip. 

   "Vul.. Pix..." Vulpix said weakly trying to recover from his battle. Vulpix then got up and ran to Niall's side. Then Mudkip walked over to Vulpix and they seemed to be getting along. 

   "Let's go on our adventure tomorrow so we can get some rest first. Pokémon need to rest just like us and Vulpix is hurt." Niall said

   "Okay. I'll see ya tomorrow then buddy." Zayn said back. They went into their own houses and went to bed right away. 

   "We'll Mudkip, today was a good day and I'm glad I met you." Zayn said sleepily to Mudkip.

   "Mud. Mudkip!" Mudkip said back agreeing with Zayn at the bottom of his bed. 

   "Your a great battler Mudkip and your already level 7!" Zayn told Mudkip. But he was already sleeping so soon they both fell asleep. Meanwhile at Niall's house, Vulpix and Niall are getting ready to go to bed. 

   "Goodnight Vulpix." Niall said to Vulpix.

   "Vulpix Vulpix!" Vulpix said back also saying goodnight to his new master.

   "Even though we didn't win today, your still a good battler. Plus, your already level 5! Niall told Vulpix.

   "Vul. Vulpix." Vulpix said back tired. Then the two new Pokémon trainers fell asleep. 

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