My Thoughts On... School

These are my thoughts. Know one else's. My brain. Unless I do nick ideas from someone else, although I don't usually do that. I hate, people copying work at school. Thinking of school, there are lots of things I could moan about. Scary dinner ladies, eccentric teachers and magical maths? I don't think so.


4. Physics


This subject may be worse than Maths for me. And that is saying something. I hate Physics. Last time I said that, my friend said, 'Hate is a strong word.' I replied: 'That's why I'm using it.'

I always thought, that school teaches you things you don't need to know for life, but this just goes nuts! Physics is nuts! Who needs to know about Refraction, and The Angle Of Incidence, I will never study, light so much and measure the light angles! It's absurd! Physics is basically Science and Maths combined. A total hell hole. 

My teacher described Physics as: 'The study of life, the universe and everything.' Number one, he is full of himself, and number two, that's bad grammar. The word 'Everything' means... everything! Including, the universe and life. So, the sentence should be, 'Physics is the study of everything.'

My Physics teacher also annoyed me one time, as I drew a diagonal line, and he said it was straight. Rudeness. 

In Physics lessons at my school, we don't actually write much in our books, and if we do, we just copy it off the board, so this adds to the boredom. The experiments are boring, and the last one I did was magnetising a pin, attaching polystyrene, putting it into a dish of water and seeing how the pin fallows the magnet. Seriously, we have all done that experiment with things at home. When we were five. 

Another thing, is that we always do badly in our tests! Im not thick, I did well in the others, but I know there are serious differences between the lessons. 

Also, our Physics book is the same colour as our Latin book! How confusing. More on books, a few weeks back, my teacher said that he would give us our books back to revise, but when he didn't give them, he blamed us for it! More rudeness!

My Physics homework sometimes includes downloading programmes and taking Screen Shots. Why? What is the point? All you are doing is pressing buttons!

The only good thing about Physics, is the chairs we sit on in class. They are stools, but with backs, so we can lean back. It's great! 

To round off, I hate Physics. Yes, 'hate' is a very, strong word.

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