My Thoughts On... School

These are my thoughts. Know one else's. My brain. Unless I do nick ideas from someone else, although I don't usually do that. I hate, people copying work at school. Thinking of school, there are lots of things I could moan about. Scary dinner ladies, eccentric teachers and magical maths? I don't think so.


5. P.E


Don't get me started on P.E. First of all, I don't count it as a subject (such an Indian thing I know! Maths, English and Sciences. It's all they care about...) because there are no tests or proper facts. It is also really embarrassing, as not jumping the high jump is not cool. I jumped it five times getting over, then failed six times, then did it again. Yay? I don't mind P.E, but sometimes I do.

Also, tied into P.E, we have Games. Games is too hours of P.E. For the first term in the winter of school, we have to do Football... for the WHOLE TIME! I'm no footie fan.

I hate Football, it's just kicking a ball in a net. It should be banned. I think it brings out the worst in people, like racism and stuff. Back to Games, we were running around in the cold mud in shorts and T shirts! Why? Also, the shorts are so short, they go for ultimate humiliation. It's weird! And to make it worse, one of my teachers told us that we we weren't allowed vests under out shirts. He stood there with a jacket on. And jogging bottoms. With leg warmers. Despicable. No wonder his face is always red.

I do enjoy games when it's cricket, rounders or swimming and basketball, as it's indoor and we're always let out early. Swimming is also the sport I am best at. 

In P.E at the moment, we drive down to Harrow Track and do athletics. I also do quite like athletics, particularly the hurdles and high jump - jumping onto the big thing is like being in the DFS advert!

The only thing I don't like about running is the way they make you. It's all funny. Hand to head then waist, head then waist... I hate shotput though. It's throwing a weight. I hate it when people say it's a ball. When I think of a ball, I think of a TENNIS ball. 

In short, on the whole, I like P.E... but not all the time... you may have guessed. 

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