My Thoughts On... School

These are my thoughts. Know one else's. My brain. Unless I do nick ideas from someone else, although I don't usually do that. I hate, people copying work at school. Thinking of school, there are lots of things I could moan about. Scary dinner ladies, eccentric teachers and magical maths? I don't think so.


1. My Thoughts


This is like a diary. An online one. Because it's tricky to communicate sometimes. But these is a compilation of me. Well, not physically me because that would make me some kind of wierdo. Which some think I am. But oh well. Who cares? Who honestly cares? See, in these chapters I will teach you the way I live my life.

1. Don't care what others think of you. Who really cares? Don't mope, don't get paranoid, tell that person to bugger off!

2. When in doubt, JGOWI. (Just get on with it... whatever it is) Because, life is no picnic and it's too short to waste moaning. I mean, I don't moan... much.

3. Also, don't judge others by appearances. (If someone does this, follow rule one).

These are my three life lessons. And this, is my no go area. The things that kills me whole. The phrase:

'All teenagers I reckless.'

I am extremely annoyed about this comment. This is a cruel stereotype aimed at teenagers because FICTIONAL characters make silly decisions it doesn't mean all teen's are the same. I'm a teenager, and I'm not reckless (At least, not every day).

So thats me, and now it's time to listen to the things I hate. Firstly school. In this series of chapters, and hopefully books one day I will tell you my pet peeves, hates and why I think we don't need homework.


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