My Thoughts On... School

These are my thoughts. Know one else's. My brain. Unless I do nick ideas from someone else, although I don't usually do that. I hate, people copying work at school. Thinking of school, there are lots of things I could moan about. Scary dinner ladies, eccentric teachers and magical maths? I don't think so.


3. English


Don't get me wrong, I love English. I used to hate it because of all the long writing and all that. Making my own stories used to be such a chore! And all that VCOP! Who even says that nowadays? And also, we had a large drafting book, where you had to leave lines when you wrote paragraphs. Why? What's the point! Everyone used to forget anyway!

And in Year 7, I was introduced to the hell hole that is... P.E.E

Number one, that's a terrible name. Number two (Not the toilet kind) You had to use a quote, make a point and describe individual words and look into connotations. Even the notion!

Sometimes, they ask people to look into really silly words, like 'Then' and stupid stuff. Sometimes you pick a sentence that is impossible to describe. I mean, when it got to Year 6 and 7 I started to enjoy English a lot more, but some of the P.E.E questions were a nightmare. And on every one my teacher would write 'Embed Quote, embed quote!' What does that even mean? I've only just found out, and I don't think it makes that much difference to your actual analysis.

But we studied really interesting books like Frankenstein. We also did Skellig, which was boring, and Boy By Roald Dahl. It was an all right book, but some of the P.E.E tasks were... haunting. 

Besides Year 7, at the beginning of Year 8 we studied Private Peaceful. HELP! I hate depressing books like that, why can't we read something happy. And, my friend gave a vital part of the story away... why on Earth would you do that? Where's the logic? Then my other friend, gave away the ending to the story... it just makes you want to shout: 'I know the ending, why read the rest?'

So I do really love English but sometimes they ask us to do silly things, like Reading Tasks. I have to read a book, then write a review on it. There are different tasks for Bronze, Silver and Gold. It's hell. I never read, even though everyone thinks I do. People say 'You have to read to get into university! You have to for ideas!' I don't get my ideas from books! I may as well copy them then.

Sometimes there is no logic in English. Like once, they made us draw a graph... In English! What is the world coming too?


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