My Thoughts On... School

These are my thoughts. Know one else's. My brain. Unless I do nick ideas from someone else, although I don't usually do that. I hate, people copying work at school. Thinking of school, there are lots of things I could moan about. Scary dinner ladies, eccentric teachers and magical maths? I don't think so.


8. Clubs


Some schools you got to really force you to do stuff. I go to one of those, and one thing they want us to do, is to go to clubs. Just today, they made us fill in a form of clubs we go to, clubs that are available and then clubs we should go to. 

Lunch is our free time, I don't want to go to clubs!

I go to a couple meaning I go to one. And I'm the only one who goes. Still.

If know one is there I can just get the teacher to help me instead. Obviously being on this site helps too, but it's nice to have a teacher on board.

But in terms of clubs, they are optional, and teachers always try to shove it in our faces - mind you they have to run at least one each I think.

Stuff that.

I filled in the form, but I didn't put my name down.

Knowing them they'll track me down and find me...

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