TeXt Me!

Mel is your basic social outcast. But when she wins a competition to spend a week in New York with a fashion designer, and she can bring one friend, she is bombarded with thousands of people asking for her number, texting her, and basically doing everything possible to be chosen to come with her - but as this happens, her old friends, Shannon and Rose drift away. What can she do to get them back?


2. Monday, 15th October

Clarissa has it cut out for me. Giving me evil glare, laughing at me, whispering to people when looking at me, but when will she get that I don't care? Rosie and I were still clueless on ambition, so we were saved a lot of bother when the teacher took us to the computer room. We looked it up online, and you know, just put it in a way we could understand. We added some pretty pictures, changed the writing font, just to make it a little bit more...appealing, for more marks. We really need to get some points here, get our grades up, or else we'll be stuck in community college. We have decided to do some community service to ear some more points.

I forgot my combination for my locker, because I'm stupid like that, so I had no books for History. Ms Macmillian went through the roof, but funny enough, I was expecting a funeral.

I finally printed out my Science write-up, at lunch, whilst eating a sausage roll.  Rosie moaned at me for being so, eugh, eating meat. Of course, that's because she's a vegetarian freak, and protests about eating animals. But she used t have a serious addiction to bacon, so she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Also, when I came home, my mum had let for a flight to London to see a friend, so with my sister sitting crying at 'Water for Elephants' I made a Lasagne, and had to stuff it down my brother, saying that if he didn't eat it, I was going to kill him. I sat at my laptop for half an hour, staring at Clarissa's latest status: SOME PEOPLE, EUGH, THEY THINK THAT THEY CAN BEAT MOI? DREAM ON, OUTCASTS OF THE WORLD'. How snobby and SELF-ABSORBED can she get!!!! I posted my status too: 'SOME PEOPLE, EUGH, I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SLAP RIGHT NOW, BUT I CAN'T REACH THEM BECAUSE THEY WEAR 6-INCH HIGH HEELS!'

I closed down my laptop after staring at an email from Mum, saying her flight was great but now she was gonna have a cup of tea and a lie down.  I wish I could do that, but I have to tidy my room, finish my Math homework and put Matt to bed, then I have to wait for an email to see if I won the competition. My life is way too busy for a lie down.

See ya tomorrow!

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