The Chair

Just a short, one chapter story i wrote in my spare time:-)

hope you enjoy and if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to comment!


1. The Chair

The chair used to stand happily in a grand elegant palace. It was a fine chair, crafted with careful hands and hours of attention. The delicate curlicues arched around the arms and legs and the back stood tall and proud, unbreakable as it rocked back and forth beneath the creaky oak floorboards.

This chair was fit for royalty so it was no surprise to find out that it belonged to a young princess. The princess would often come to the chair to read endless novels full of adventure and romance. Other times, she would stare out of her wide window into her picturesque rose garden, the flowers in bloom and her ocean eyes vague and unblinking. The princess was a fair maiden, with a shower of golden ringlets draped behind her. Her skin was pale and pure with faint freckles scattered around her prominent cheekbones. Her eyes were her best feature, shimmering like sapphires, a vast summer skyline. Despite this, they were always so sad, always yearning for something more...


But that was before the fire.


Before the golden flames destroyed golden ringlets. Unread books turned to ash. Sad blue eyes to dust. The palace is broken and abandoned. The rooms are empty and the walls are bare. But yet the chair stands alone, untouched and perfect. Surrounded by nothing but it's memories. The chair rocks back and forth on the burnt floorboards. Waiting...

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