The crow

Its just a short story for the radio two 500 word compition. Hope you like it.


2. The crow

No one likes waking up in the middle of the night all alone, forced to listen to sounds of the darkness, wanting to just go back to sleep. But Alice wasn’t alone, she couldn’t see anyone but she knew someone was there, watching her.

She could hear creaking from the floor boards. Crash! Something fell to the floor. She turned her light on: nobody there.

She needed to go back to sleep. So she went to turn off her lamp but before she could reach it her light went out. Now she couldn’t see a thing.  She could have her hand right in front of her face and she wouldn’t see it, she felt along the side of her bed feeling for her cover. Suddenly her hand hit something cold and….. Alice tried to scream but nothing happened.  It was grabbing onto her arm.  She frantically tried to pull away but it was pulling her off the bed.  Alice helplessly tried to grab onto the end of duvet screaming but it was pulling her under, she was too late. The thing let go of her arm as she fell into the gloom.

She woke up, shaking. Her fingertips numb, she reached for her cover but it wasn’t there. She was lying on cold ground.  Alice sat up, her head pounding.

It was raining a white, paint like rain. There were giant trees with leaves clattering against the wind, and a lake filled with black murky water. She could see no life apart from a lonely black crow, on a near tree.

Slowly Alice got to her feet, she was in some kind of forest. A voice screamed in her head for her to get out, to go home. But where was home? There seemed two paths around her; one that led towards a faint light and the other led further into the dark forest.

“Go on! Show me what you’ve got!” She shouted to the darkness surrounding her as she ran towards the light.


It was impossible to know how long she’d been running. The path seemed to never end. Alice stopped to catch her breath.

“Ok, I give in!” she bellowed, as she exhaustedly fell to the floor.She was about to close her eyes when saw the crow standing right in front off her smiling an evil grin.


It flew away squawking, mocking her. Suddenly she saw a figure run behind a tree.

“Hello?” she looked around. Where did he go? Then there was two, three.

She started to run, as fast as her legs would carry her. Alice tripped and fell. The figures huddled around her and blocked out the light.


She opened her eyes.

And took a deep breath in. a dream, just a dream.

She looked at her clock: 8:00.

“School! I’m going to be late!” she quickly got dress. She was just about to leave when she looked back at the mirror and there it was staring right into her eyes. The crow.

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